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Tone group 10 Dialogue

— What’s happened to Jack? — It’s always the same. He’s hardly ever on time. — I’m afraid he’s failed his exam. — I’m not at all surprised. He did absolutely no work for it. — That’s the second time he’s failed. — Poor old Jack. He’ll never make it. — Is that Jack? — […]

Dialogues in English: Gerund

— Walter, I insist on your being extremely careful while working with the ill people. You know cholera spreading instantaneously among the population. Over the last week more than 800  people fell dead. — I’ve been looking forward to my carrying out scientific experiments. I am sure of the results doing people good, they are […]

Dialogue «At a Hotel»

— Hi, Mike! I know you were in London in summer. Where did you stay there? — Oh, that’s rather an interesting story. I stayed at one of those old hotels, just like those described in Agatha Christie’s stories. — Aah, I do remember Bertram’s Hotel, the Savoy, you mean these ones? — Well, you […]

Dialogue on Assimilation

-Sasha, will you read these phonetic exercises to the class? -Oh, yes, what shall I begin with? -Start reading exercise 4 on page 4. -Wealth, all three, smell the rose, all this, small then… -Ok, your reading is absolutely correct. And now  let’s pass over to Exercise 7. -Ok, think, pink, finger, English, tinkle… -Again […]

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