Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 4

Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 4

Ключи предназначены исключительно для самопроверки. Любой язык предполагает возможность выразить одну и ту же мысль несколькими способами, поэтому всегда лучше думать самостоятельно и обращаться к готовым ответам лишь в случае затруднений. Кроме того, любой опытный учитель с легкостью отличит самостоятельно выполненную работу учащегося от списанной с ключей.


A. 1. was 2. was 3. was 4. were 5. was 6. was 7. was 8. was 9. was 20. was

B. 1. were 2. was, were 3. were 4. were 5. was 6. were, was, was 7. were, was 8. was, was 9. was 10. was 11. were 12. was, was 13. were, were 14. was 15. were 16. was 17. were 18. were 19. were 20. was


1. is, was 2. were, are 3. was, is 4. is, was 5. are, were 6. were, are 7. are, were, am 8. are, were 9. are, am, was, am 10. is, was, was


1. there were 2. were there 3. there was 4. there wasn’t 5. was there, there wasn’t 6. were there 7. there was 8. were there 9. there was(n’t) 10. there was


1. There were a lot of people in the carriage and it was very hot. 2. How many fish were there in the aquarium when I was at your place last month? 3. There was not enough time at the examination. 4. Were there many difficult tasks in the test? 5. There was no milk and butter in the fridge. 6. There were a lot of wild animals in (the) forests one hundred years ago. 7. There were few interesting items at the concert. 8. How many children were there in Leo Tolstoy’s family? 9. Was there much difference between the 3rd and the 4th editions of the book? 10. How much oxygen was there in the cylinder?


collected, promised, stopped, travelled, studied, returned, counted, stayed, discovered, dropped, started, released, tidied, stirred, raised, looked, listened, repeated,


1. what/how many 2. what 3. why 4. when 5. what 6. how/when/why 7. how 8. what/how many 9. when/where 10. what 11. which 12. why 13. when/where/how/why


1. repair 2. remove 3. consider 4. work 5. call 6. remember 7. believe 8. delete 9. stay 10. print out 11. record 12. complete 13. arrive 14. open 15. download


A. 1. Alina watered the flowers but she didn’t clean the room. 2. What did the children paint at the lesson? 3. We didn’t answer the phone call as we were at the concert. 4. Tom decided to start a new life after this journey. 5. Didn’t you watch the film last year? 6. When did it happen? 7. Why didn’t you switch off the light in the bathroom in the morning? 8. When did her parents finish/leave school? 9. We tried to switch on the TV at the lesson but it didn’t work. 10. All of my friends stayed at home on Sunday, the weather was really nasty. 11. My brother ordered a book on the Internet in 2005 for the first time. 12. Dad drilled/bored a hole in the wall for a new lamp yesterday. 13. We visited the picture gallery when were in Dresden. 14. You didn’t attend the classes last month, so these tasks seem difficult to you.

B. 1.The neighbour asked us to look after her dog while she was abroad. 2. The students finished the test and handed in the papers. 3. The shop-assistant wrapped the flowers in paper because it was cold outdoors. 4. What paint did you use for the fence? 5. Did you recognize Ann when we were at the theatre? – No, I didn’t notice her. 6. We downloaded a film from the Internet but the player didn’t open it and we removed the file. 7. Did you look up the article in the encyclopaedia? 8. When I climbed onto the roof I discovered a nest there. 9. Did you copy the new photos from the card yesterday? 10. You didn’t study Physics at the university. 11. Grandma washed and dried all the linen at the weekend. 12. Our coach advised us to jog at the stadium in the morning. 13. Who did the dog bark at ten minutes ago? – Oh, it was the postman. I received a parcel from China. 14. Did you lock both doors at home? 15. The summer was dry and we didn’t pick berries and mushrooms in the forest. 16. How long did you cook all these dishes? – About four hours.


1. What did you have for breakfast? 2. Five years ago we had a very clever cat. 3. It was rainy and I had no umbrella with me. 4. Everyone had a ‘five’ for the test. 5. What did you have for the test? 6. Did you have a good time in the country at the weekend? 7. Did dad have a rest after work yesterday? 8. Why did you have a quarrel then? 9. The child didn’t have a sleep at night. 10. We had two cups of coffee in the morning.


1. shook 2. learn 3. saw, gave 4. flew 5. meet 6. cost 7. stood 8. began 9. drink 10. brought 11. spend, spent 12. taught 13. kept, brought 14. fly 15. shook 16. learnt 17. began 18. see 19. fly 20. sing 21. gave


A. 1. The lessons began at 8.30 last year. 2. When did the concert begin? 3. The concert didn’t begin on time and we waited for half an hour. 4. Our History teacher always brought different interesting things to classes and showed them to us. 5. What exactly did he bring? 6. Once he didn’t bring anything and all the pupils were disappointed. 7. The bus trip cost 800 roubles three years ago and now it is about 1500 roubles. 8. How much did the winter tyres for your car cost? 9. It didn’t cost much to stay at this hotel. 10. The children drank all the lemonade in the house yesterday. 11. Did you drink the orange juice yesterday? It was incredibly tasty! 12. We didn’t drink the juice; there was not enough of it for everyone. 13. The ball flew over the fence and smashed the window of the neighbours’ house. 14. Did the ball really fly over the fence and smash the window? 15. The fence was high enough and the ball didn’t fly over it.

B. 1. The teacher gave the students a task to write a composition about their favourite holiday. 2. What task did the teacher give you yesterday? 3. The teacher didn’t give us any task for the holidays. 4. In the middle of July we kept the door open as it was unbearably hot inside the house. 5. Wy did you keep the door open? 6. At the beginning of August it was chilly and we didn’t keep the door open anymore. 7. Some twenty years ago pupils learnt French in many schools. 8. How long ago did they learn French in schools? 9. My aunt didn’t learn French at school, they had German. 10. I met Steve in the library and he was so tired. 11. When did you meet Steve? 12. I didn’t meet Steve last month, where is he? 13. The witnesses said that they saw (также возможно had seen) the UFO on October, 22nd. 14. Where exactly did they see the UFO? 15. They didn’t see the UFO, it’s not true.

C. 1. She didn’t reply and just shook her head. 2. Why did her voice shake? 3. The earthquake happened quite far away and the building didn’t even shake. 4. Our class sang a song at the New Year’s concert. 5. What song did they sing? 6. Our class didn’t sing anything at the last concert. 7. Our friends spent two weeks in Tahiti in September. 8. Where did they spend their vacation in September? 9. They didn’t spend much time on the way. 10. Everyone stood up when the headmaster entered the classroom. 11. Where did the monument to Churchill stand in the Houses of Parliament? 12. The car didn’t stand outdoors in winter, it was in the garage. 13. Grandma taught mom to cook when she was 12 years old. 14. What did they teach you in the course? 15. Our parents didn’t teach us to swim in our childhood.


1. sleep 2. spoilt 3. cut 4. bit 5. burn 6. knew 7. find 8. grew 9. made 10. think  11. fell 12. let  13. wrote 14. forgot 15. sold 16. burnt 17. knew 18. think 19. made 20. grow


A. 1. The boy bit into an apple and found a little worm inside. 2. Did he really bite into the apple? 3. The boy didn’t bite into the apple because it was dirty. 4. The firewood was wet and burnt poorly. 5. Why did the firewood burn poorly? 6. The firewood didn’t burn at all as it was wet. 7. We cut the bread in slices and put them onto the plate. 8. Did you cut the bread with this knife? – Yes, it was sharp enough. 9. We didn’t cut the bread with this knife as it was blunt. 10. The last apple fell off the tree yesterday. 11. When did it fall off the tree? 12. The apple didn’t fall onto Newton’s head, it’s just a myth. 13. Sasha found 1.000 roubles in the pocket of her jacket and was very happy. 14. What did Sasha find in the pocket of her jacket? 15. Sasha didn’t find anything in her jacket yesterday.

B. 1. We forgot to ask the teacher this question and now we don’t know how to do the task. 2. Did you forget to ask the teacher the question? 3. We didn’t forget to ask the question, the teacher simple had no time to answer it. 4. I remember that we grew plants from seeds in primary school. 5. How many pumpkins did you grow last year? 6. The pumpkins didn’t grow last year because of the bad weather. 7. In the 3rd grade I knew the multiplication table well. 8. Did you know any English poems last year?  9. The children didn’t know anything about English traditions at that time. 10. Aunt Polly let Tom walk with his friends but soon regretted her decision. 11. Why did she let Tom go out for a walk? 12. She didn’t let Tom go out for a walk he didn’t ask her for permission. 13. Ann made this nice dress by herself. 14. When did she make it? 15. She didn’t make anything by herself she ordered it from a tailor.

C. 1. Vincent sold some unnecessary things and gave the money to charity. 2. What did Vincent sell? 3. Vincent didn’t sell any of the old things. 4. The child slept little last night because he had a temperature.  5. Why did the child sleep so little? 6. The child didn’t sleep at all because of a high temperature. 7. The artist spoilt the picture in a few strokes. 8. Did the artist really spoil the picture? 9. He didn’t spoil the picture, everything is all right. 10. I thought that the 3rd answer was correct and circled it. 11. Did you think that all the answers were incorrect? 12. I didn’t think that all the answers were incorrect. 13. I wrote my first e-mail in 1998 when I got access to the Internet. 14. When did you write your first e-mail? 15. I didn’t write e-mails because we didn’t have the Internet at home.


1. set 2. read 3. ran 4. wore 5. laid 6. blew 7. do 8. sat 9. lost 10. catch 11. forgave 12. swim 13. took  14. heard 15. eat 16. lost 17. wear 18. take 19. do 20. sat


A. 1. The boy blew out all the candles on the cake. 2. How many candles on the cake did the boy blow out? 3. The boy blew at the cake but didn’t blow out a single candle on it. 4. The cat caught a mouse and began to play with it. 5. Did you catch any fish when you went fishing? 6. The angler didn’t catch anything but he was not upset. 7. We did this exercise a week ago. – Did we? 8. When did you do the washing up with your hands last time? – I don’t remember; now we have a dishwasher. 9. I didn’t do my morning exercises in the morning. 10. The dog found some sausage in the bag and ate it. 11. What did the dog eat from the bag? 12. The dog didn’t eat the sausage, the cat did. 13. She forgave you for you misbehavior a long time ago. 14. Why didn’t she forgive you back then? 15. She didn’t forgive you back then and she still remembers your words.

B. 1. In the middle of the night we heard a strange noise, got out of our beds and switched on the light. 2. When did you hear this tune for the first time? 3. We didn’t hear anything last night; it was quiet in the house. 4. I laid a new table-cloth on the table yesterday and now there is some blot on it. 5. Why did you lay the exercise-books on the wet desk? 6. The hens didn’t lay many eggs last week. 7. Yesterday Mike’s father lost his patience and punished him. 8. Why did he lose his patience? 9. We didn’t lose the way because we had a navigation device. 10. Children read more than now in the past. 11. Why did people read more in the past? 12. My parents didn’t read books in English at school. 13. We ran to the station and managed to get on the bus.  14. How long did you run to the station? 15. We didn’t run to the station because just a couple of minutes were left before the departure of the train.

C. 1. We set the chairs around the table for our guests. 2. How many chairs did you set? 3. We didn’t set any extra chairs – (the) seven ones were enough. 4. When everyone sat down to table it was already dark. 5. Did King Louis XVI really sit on this throne? 6. I didn’t sit down in the underground because there were no vacant seats. 7. I first swam across our lake when I was 14. 8. Did you swim in the Adriatic Sea when you were in Italy? 9. No, I didn’t swim. It was rather cold. 10. When we went to the South we took our tent with us. 11. What else did you take to the South? 12. We didn’t take any warm clothes. 13. Mom wore this dress when she studied at the university. 14. Did you wear glasses in your youth? 15. We didn’t wear a uniform at school.


1. won 2. break 3. told 4. became 5. stole 6. built 7. spoke 8. drew 9. showed 10. fed 11. shoot 12. got 13. hit 14. put 15. left 16. speak 17. got 18. tell 19. won 20. left


A. 1. O’Henry became a famous writer late in life. 2. At what age did he become a famous writer? 3. Washington became the first president of the USA. 4. Harrison first broke the law at the age of 20 when he stole a motorbike in the neighbouring town. 5. How did he break the law? 6. He didn’t break the law, it’s a lie. 7. Jack built his house in the place of the old inn. 8. Why did he build the house in this very place? 9. The birds didn’t build a new nest and returned to the old one instead. 10. We drew the curtains in summer and it wasn’t so hot anymore.11. Did you draw the curtains every day in summer? 12. We didn’t draw the curtains as it was cloudy. 13. The birds fed on the old berries on the shrubs in the forest in winter. 14. What did the birds feed on in winter? 15. We didn’t feed the cat yesterday but it was hungry and caught a mouse in the yard himself.

B. 1. Martin got angry, slammed the door and left. 2. Why did he get angry? 3. I didn’t get angry at all when I saw that the work was/had been spoilt. 4. The bus driver hit the brakes when he saw a cow right in the middle of the road. 5. Why did you hit the classmate so heavily? 6. I didn’t hit him, Tit did! 7. We left the persimmon in the fridge overnight. 8. What did you leave in the fridge for the night? 10. We didn’t leave the car in the parking lot last month. 10. Tom set the alarm and put the phone next to the bed. 11. Where did Tom put the phone? 12. You didn’t put the scissors in the right place and you can’t find them now. 13. The hunters shot (the) ducks but didn’t hit a single one. 14. What did the hunters shoot? 15. One of the hunters didn’t shoot as the cartridges were damp.

C. 1. The teacher showed at the lesson how the engine worked. 2. What film did you teacher show you at the lesson? 3. He didn’t show us anything because the projector was out of order. 4. The director spoke about his plans for the future in the interview. 5. What did they speak about at table yesterday? 6. When we moved to Spain with my parents I didn’t speak Spanish. 7. Last year someone stole a few very old and valuable books from the library. 8. What books did they steal from the library? 9. They didn’t steal anything; all the books are in place. 10. I told the truth and don’t regret (having done) it. 11. Did you tell them the whole truth? 12. I didn’t tell them anything about your plans. 13. Finally Jeffrey won the argument and earned his 50 dollars. 14. Why did you win the argument? 15. My neighbour’s father used to buy raffle tickets but he didn’t win anything.


1.smelt 2. burst 3. bore 4. stung 5. rang 6. dug 7. shut 8. rose 9. pay 10. lent 11. froze 12. hung 13. hurt 14. felt 15. come 16. hanged («hang» является правильным глаголом в значении «вешать,казнить») 17. burst 18. came 19. rose 20. rang


A. 1. The firm bore losses due to the lazy workers. 2. You know she didn’t bear the heat when we lived in Italy. 3. Did such ice bear the weight of a man? 4. The dam burst as a result if the flood. 5. Why did the dam burst? 6. Despite the scale of the flood the dam didn’t burst. 7. We came into the room and saw a terrible mess. 8. Why didn’t you come to the extra class on Thursday? 9. The birds didn’t come back to their old nest the next year. 10. My grandpa dug the ground around the fruit trees every spring. 11. Did you dig the whole vegetable garden alone last year? 12. The workers began to dig but they didn’t dig the well because there were a lot of boulders in the soil. 13. When Tom was a little boy he felt sorry for stray dogs so now he has three shepherd dogs. Who did he feel sorry for? 15. The boy didn’t feel anything when the nurse gave him an injection.

B. 1. It froze heavily in December and at the beginning of January it thawed. 2. When did it freeze last time? 3. The mountaineers turned back on time and only for that reason they didn’t freeze in the ice captivity. 4. When I finally hung the lamp on the wall it turned out that it didn’t work. 5. In which room did you hang the new curtains? 6. Last Christmas we didn’t hang many toys on the Christmas tree. 7. Why did these words hurt your feelings so much? 8. The child slightly hurt his knee when he fell off the bike. 9. The child fell of the bike but didn’t hurt anything. 10. How much did you lend him then? 11. I didn’t lend that man any money  as I know that he never pays it back. 12. The relatives lent Peter 10.000 dollars to purchase a car. 13. We didn’t pay for the Internet last month as we were on vacation. 14. Why didn’t you pay for the Internet? 15. Last month we paid all the bills on time.

C. 1. The bell rang and I understood the fish was on the hook. 2. Why didn’t you ring me up when you came back home? 3. I pushed the button of the doorbell several times but it didn’t ring. 4. When the audience rose to their feet the actors understood that the performance was a success. 5. When and where did the audience rise to their feet? 6. The water in the river didn’t rise above the critical level in spring. 7. The metal gate shut with a terrible bang because of a strong wind. 8. Did the wind shut the gate? 9. We pushed the gate all together but it didn’t shut. 10. The pie smelt of something tasty but the girl couldn’t make out what was inside. 11. What did the dog smell during the hunt? 12. The diver had a scar on his leg but fortunately enough the sharks didn’t smell (the) blood. 13. Red ants stung the tourist when he sat down on a little ant-hill in the grass. 14. What did the wasps sting you on? 15. It wasn’t a wasp that stung you, it was a hornet.


1. led 2. chose 3. bent 4. awoke 5. spilt 6. say 7. held 8. dealt 9. fought 10. drove 11. sent 12. lay 13. go 14. forbid 15. drove 16. spilt 17. fight 18. led 19. bend 20. drive


A. 1. The book by Stephen King awoke some vague inner fear in her. 2. What did the book by S. King awake in her? 3. The loud knock on the door didn’t awake anyone since all of them were exhausted after a long journey. 4. A gust of wind bent the young tree almost to the ground and it broke. 5. How many pieces of wire did you bend for the hooks? 6. We didn’t bend that wire at all, it was too stiff. 7. We chose the lesser of two evils. 8. Did you choose anything as a present at the fair? 9. No, we didn’t choose anything as everything was too expensive. 10. In his youth John dealt with gambling but it was useless. 11. Did you deal with Mr Wong when you worked in China? 12. No, I didn’t deal with him but I know him to be a pleasant and fair person. 13. The loud music next door drove me crazy a couple of years ago, but then those neighbours moved house and now it is quiet there. 14. When did you first drive a car? 15. At that time I didn’t drive a car although I had enough money to buy one.

B. 1. Pushkin fought a duel with d’Anthès and was badly wounded.  2. Did you fight with your classmates at school? 3. What did you fight for during the war? 4. The government forbade the use of mercury in thermometers some years ago. 5. When did your doctor forbid you to eat sweet things? 6. The doctor didn’t forbid eating sweet food, I simply don’t like it. 7. We went downstairs and found a locked door. 8. We didn’t go to the country at the weekend as it was bitterly cold. 9. Where did you go on vacation? 10. All the spectators held their breath when the plane began to loop the loop high above in the sky. 11. Why did they all hold their breath? 12. I didn’t hold my breath and the water got into my nose. 13. The road led them to a little cottage on the shore of the lake. 14. Where did the road lead them to? 15. The road didn’t lead anywhere — it was just cut short in the middle of the forest.

C. 1. Yesterday all my documents lay on the desk, where are they now? 2. How long did you lie in the sun? You got sunburnt! 3. She didn’t lie in the sun too long but got sunburnt all the same. 4. Nobody rode the bike last summer and it got rusty outside. 5. Did anyone ride this bike in summer? 6. We didn’t ride our bikes a single time last year. 7. What did you say? 8. When we said where we were, everyone was surprised. 9. The teacher didn’t say a word about Tom’s bad behaviour. 10. Last month we didn’t send any letters. 11. What did you send in the parcel? 12. My friend’s son sent a letter to Santa Claus at the beginning of December. 13. The path was slippery and grandpa spilt some sand around the house. 14. How much sand did you spill onto the paths? 15. The bag fell, splitting open and the milk spilt onto the ground.


1. shone 2. hid 3. knelt 4. leant 5. dreamt 6. lit 7. arose 8. sewed 9. quit 10. bound 11. sought 12. crept 13. sank 14. buy 15. mean 16. meant 17. shine 18. lit 19. bind 20. quit


A. 1.  When the question of warranty arose, the seller refused to take the article back. 2. How long ago did such a question arise? 3. The question of the quality of the goods didn’t arise during the whole life time. 4. The girl bound her hair in a ponytail. 5. Tom bound his finger with a bandage so as not to write the test. 6. Why did he bind his finger with a bandage? 7. We bought these things at an antique shop. 8. What else did you buy there? 9. We took a look at a few cellphones in the shop but didn’t buy any(thing). 10. The cat crept to the edge of the roof and jumped into the tree. 11. Did the lizard creep into the crate? 12. Last year (the) lizards didn’t creep into the house. 13. I dreamt of an island in the ocean a couple of days ago. 14. What did you dream (of)? Do you remember? 15. Maria didn’t even dream of finding her lost earring.

B. 1. Somebody hid the money between the bricks in the wall of this house at the end of the 19th century. 2. Why did you hide the truth from us back then? 3. They didn’t hide anything; you just didn’t ask them about it. 4. The son knelt down before his father and asked for forgiveness. 5. Did you kneel in your childhood? 6. Don’t worry, the baby didn’t kneel on the cold floor. 7. The tree leant dangerously over the garage and the workers cut it down. 8. Did you lean the bike against the wall? 9. It’s god that I didn’t lean against the wall, it’s covered in whitewash. 10. The parents lit all the candles on the cake for their son. 11. How many candles did they light on the cake? 12. We didn’t light sparklers as we had none. 13. What did the author mean in his new story? 14. I didn’t mean to be impolite, sorry. 15. Tom’s sister meant to win the competition and she did it.

C. 1.Mr Dowell quit his business and handed it down to his sons in 2005. 2. How long ago did he quit his business? 3. He didn’t quit his job, his boss fired him. 4. He sought (for) support from people first of all. 5. Where did he seek (for) help? 6. He didn’t seek (for) truth in people and became a hermit. 7. Last year the tailors sewed 35 dresses. 8. Did they really sew so many dresses? 9. Grandma didn’t sew anything in her youth and now it sis her hobby. 10. Dave shone in Mathematics at university. 11. What subject did Dave shine in at university? 12. Unfortunately he didn’t shine in any subject either at school or at university. 13. The boat sank somewhere not far from the shore. 14. Where did the Spanish vessel sink? 15. The crew fought (with) the storm bravely and the craft didn’t sink.


1. swung 2. swept 3. shrink 4. wound 5. broadcast 6. struck 7. wept 8. slid 9. swore 10. spelt 11. spun 12. split 13. stuck 14. tore 15. spread 16. wake 17. threw 18. understood


A. 1. Previously the company broadcast the news every hour. 2. When did they broadcast a/the storm warning? 3. The channel didn’t broadcast the interview with the Prime Minister. 4. The population of the country shrank to 75 million people in 2002. 5. Why did the sweater shrink so much? 6. The workforce of the factory didn’t shrink during the crisis. 7. A huge block of snow slid off the roof a couple of hours ago. Did you see that? – I saw it through the window. 8. When did the snow slide off the roof? 9. The skis didn’t slide because the snow was too sticky. 10. I spelt the surname three times but the typist made a mistake all the same. 11. How many times did you spell your surname? 12. I didn’t spell the surname, it is really simple. 13. The puppy always spun as a top and we gave him the same name. 14. Why did the wheels of the lorry spin? – There were a lot of boxes inside and there was ice under the snow, but we didn’t know that. 15. Fortunately, the wheels didn’t spin and we got onto the heel. 16. The monkey split the nut in half with a stone. 17. How did it split the nut? 18. The monkey hurled the nut onto the ground several times running but didn’t split it. 19. The gossip spread terrifyingly quickly in the town. 20. Why didn’t you spread the butter on the bread?

B. 1. We didn’t spread the butter as we didn’t find/hadn’t found it in the fridge. 2. Yesterday I stuck a needle into my finger and it hurts now. 3. How did you stick the needle into your finger? 4. The worker didn’t stick anything into the ground yesterday and we can’t find the exact place for digging the well now. 5. The boxer struck the final blow and knocked the rival out. 6. At what moment did he strike that blow? 7. At the last moment the boxer felt sorry for the rival and did not strike a/the blow. 8. I remember well how our neighbour swore at her children violently. 9. Why did she swear at them? 10. She says she didn’t swear at them and we just thought it up. 11. The children swept the floor in the classroom and found a gold chain. 12. The crowd swept the new books off the shelves in a few minutes. 13. Did you sweep the paths in the park when you were at school? 14. We didn’t sweep the floor at the weekend, it was clean enough. 15. The sportsman swung the bat but missed. 16. Did you swing in the hammock in the garden? 17. I didn’t swing in the hammock because it was rainy. 18. The dog tore the rug in the hall in pieces. 19. Why did you tear the label off the box? 20. I didn’t tear the label off the jacket.

C. 1. My friend threw the ball and hit the basket from the opposite side of the field. 2. What did the neighbours throw out of the balcony yesterday? 3. I hope you didn’t throw out the rough papers during the cleanup. 4. If you didn’t understand the topic at the lesson, read it once again in the textbook. 5. How did you understand the message of the story? 6. I understood the whole of the text except a few words. 7. Sophie woke up in the middle of the night because of bright light outdoors. 8. Did you easily wake up yesterday? – No, we hardly woke up at 8. 9. Fortunately, I didn’t wake anyone up when I came back home. 10. Someone wept a few nights running behind the wall. 11. Did anybody weep behind the wall? 12. No one did, it was just a film on TV. 13. When I had a mechanical watch I wound it up every night before going to sleep. 14. How often did you wind up the watch? 15. I didn’t wind up the watch yesterday that’s why it has stopped.


1. what 2. who 3. who 4. who 5. who 6. what 7. who 8. what/who 9. what 10. who 11. who/what 12. what 13. who/what 14. what 15. who 16. who 17. what 18. who 19. who/what 20. who


1. Who answered all the questions correctly? 2. Who bought the old mansion of the Owens? 3. What helped you (to) answer such a difficult question? 4. Who suspected you of theft? 5. What happened on June, 22nd, 1941? 6. Who built the church on the shore of the lake? 7. Who broke the computer yesterday? 8. What broke (down) in the computer yesterday? 9. Who left the window open in the classroom on Monday? 10. What changed your life greatly in your youth?


1. was, did, were 2. does, does, did 3. were, do 4. did, were, did 5. am, am 6. is, was, was, was, did, do, did 7. are, is, do, was, were 8. does, is, do, is 9. were, was, do 10. did, were 11. do, do, is, did, was, are, did, was 12. are, do, do, are, am, am, did, was, was, did, did, are 13. did, do, was 14. did, was, was, did, did, was, did 15. was, was, are, is 16. was, was, do 17. is, is, was, do, do, am, is, do 18. did, was, were, were, was, are 19. was, did, was, did, was, was 20. did, was, did, was, was, is, did, was, was, did, was


1c 2c 3a 4c 5a 6b 7c 8c 9c 10a 11b 12c 13a 14c 15b 16b 17c 18a 19b 20a

When did the author take A. Howard for a strange person?

How was she dressed? What did he find in her look?

How old was the woman? What expression did she have on her face?

What did she have to go through? How long ago did her father set up the business?

What was (there) in the air?


1. Didn’t mom cook breakfast in the morning? 2. Didn’t you know about the changes in the timetable? 3. Didn’t the children go to school? 4. Didn’t you ask the same question at the previous lesson? 5. Didn’t Columbus discover America? 6. Didn’t we pay this bill last month? 7. Didn’t the concert begin at 5 o’clock? 8. Didn’t dad buy the new issue of the magazine on Saturday? 9. Didn’t Thomas’s children go to the same school with you? 10. Didn’t Ann and Peter get married in December?



2-that’s why-j

3-that’s why-e

4-(должно быть photographer)-because-f

5-that’s why-i



8-that’s why-c


10-that’s why-a


1. because 2. because 3. that’s why 4. because 5. that’s why 6. that’s why 7. because 8. that’s why 9. that’s why 10. because


1. used to 2. used to/would 3. used to 4. would 5. used to 6. used to/would 7. would 8. used to/would 9. used to 10. used to


1. Where did you use to fuel the car when you lived in the country? 2. We didn’t use to buy fast food and now we do it really often. 3. I didn’t use to be late for classes at university. 4. We would come late for classes and sit in the foyer for an hour waiting for the next lecture. 5. It would rain several days in a row and we sat at home reading in front of the fireplace or just speaking. 6. Did you use to go to the country-house when you lived in the city? 7. Smith would go hunting and return with a couple of partridges or something else if he had good luck. 8. The Indians didn’t use to approach the fort closely and now we see them every day. 9. Jenny would wake up before sunrise and roam around the park enjoying its morning chill. 10. Where did you use to spend Christmas holidays when you went to your grandparents in Leeds?


1. counted, were 2. stay, go 3. sweep, swept 4. wrote, read 5. entered, escape, bit 6. hang up, called 7. burst 8. flew, went, drove 9. catch, froze 10. hear, woke up


1. Our hockey team usually wins. Yesterday we won, too, but it was more difficult than usual.

2. Tom rides about 15 km by bike every day. Yesterday he rode 20 km as the bridge across the river was closed.

3. Tangerines are usually tasty and cheap. The tangerines were not tasty but expensive yesterday.

4. Every year we watch a lot of films in the foreign language but last year we watched only one.

5. I usually type quickly, but I typed the report slowly because the keyboard was new.

6. Many graduates of this university become engineers, but last year nearly all of them became managers.

7. Professor always comes on time, but yesterday he came half an hour late.

8. Winter holidays usually begin on December, 28th but this time they began on December, 25th.

9. Our dog usually sleeps in its doghouse but yesterday night it slept in the house because it was 20 below zero outside.

10. We usually spend 500 roubles on mobile communication a month, last time we spent only 300.


1. Mr Walter’s new neighbours are somewhere from Europe. They are interesting and hospitable people. – What country are they from? – I think that they used to live in Germany or the Netherlands because they speak with a slight accent.

2. Thomas says that they didn’t have the last lesson and he returned home earlier. – Wait, they always have 4 lessons on Wednesday. – Not really so. It was only in November. – Is he home then? – Yes, he is. But he didn’t open the door at once as there was something wrong with the lock. – Really? It’s strange, as the lock is completely new, we bought it last month. Thomas always opens it easily.

3. There was a lot of music on the tablet. You took it yesterday. Did you remove anything? – No, I didn’t do anything with it. – Where are all the songs then? – I don’t know, I just read the news and watched a few videos on the channel of our university. – It is really strange then.

4. At New Year the students of our class always perform at the concert. – What did you do last year? – Oh, it was a song in English. – Did you sing too? – No, I didn’t. I was abroad with my parents because we left on the 27th of December and the concert was (held) on the 29th. – Do you like singing in general? – Not really. I prefer listening to music.

5. There is some new film on at the cinema. – We watched it the day before yesterday. – Did you like it? —  Yes, it was quite interesting but dragged-out. – Did you go with the children? – Yes. But they say that the film was boring.

6. Where are the apples that mom bought yesterday? – There are no apples anymore. Don’t you remember that we ate them all yesterday evening? – I didn’t notice that. Why did she buy so few (ones)?

7. The laptop costs about $300. – It’s not really expensive. Let’s order it. – I think it’s a good choice. Last year the same model cost $350. – Do you have enough money? – I do, I didn’t spend anything(really much) last month.

8. A few years ago grandma grew marrows and they were really tasty. Do you remember? – Yes, we cooked them and I put down the recipes. – Do you still have them? – Probably. I put them into a drawer in the kitchen a long time ago. Do you want to find them? – Let’s have a try. I saw it yesterday that the farmers sold them (marrows) at the market and wanted to buy some.

9. When did Harrison Ford become famous? – I don’t remember exactly. But I know that his first films were not really a success. But when Star Wars came out he became famous. –What year was that? – At the end of the 70s.

10. What did your parents give you as a birthday present? – A very cool synthesizer. – The one you told me about? – No, not that one, even better. I woke up and discovered a box right by the bed. They put the present in the room at night and I didn’t see anything. – Was it expensive? – And what do you think? – Did you try to play it that day? – I did. We unpacked it placed it in the corner by the window. I played three hours running without a break. – Did you like it? – Sure. I played it yesterday too, for a long time, and learnt a new piece of music (tune). I think that my parents chose the best present for me. – I want to buy a guitar and learn how to play it.


A. 1. amazed 2. depressing 3. bored 4. surprising 5. charming 6. shocked 7. disappointing 8. excited 9. fascinated 10. terrifying 11. annoying 12. exhausted 13. worried 14. amusing 15. confused 16. frightening 17. depressed 18. exciting 19.worrying 20. amazing 21. confusing 22. horrifying

B. 1. fascinating 2. astonished 3. disgusting 4. horrified 5. embarrassing 6. surprised 7. disappointed 8. terrified 9. embarrassed 10. disgusted 11. charmed 12. astonishing 13. boring 14. tiring 15. amused 16. shocking 17. satisfied 18. annoyed 19. exhausting 20. tired 21. satisfying 22. frightened


В этом упражнении ответы могут различаться в силу того, что существуют синонимы (например, scared, frightened, terrified)

1. Why are you always surprised at my calls in early morning? 2. Some masks in (the) Chinese Theatre were really frightening. 3. I am completely confused by your arguments. 4. Why were you so exhausted yesterday? 5. Wildlife is truly amazing. 6. Everyone was annoyed at your behaviour yesterday. 7. It’s tiring to work at the computer several hours running. 8. We were not at all worried about the results because we were sure of all the answers. 9. Physicists learn more and more amazing facts about the Universe annually. 10. The sinister atmosphere of the old fortress seemed terrifying to us. 11. It’s a pity when the film you have been waiting for so long is disappointing. 12. The children were excited by the performance at New Year. 13. Many people are depressed in winter when the day is short. 14. I am (getting) bored of this book. But I need to read it up to the end. 15. I remember exactly that I was embarrassed when I realized that my back was white. 16. Tired workers are not efficient. The one who has a good rest works well. 17. The girl looked frightened but she couldn’t explain the reason. 18. The bear on the bicycle in the circus seemed amusing to us. 19. Newspapers like to publish shocking and sensational  news. 20. Do you know any people who are annoying?