Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 5

Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 5

Ключи предназначены исключительно для самопроверки. Любой язык предполагает возможность выразить одну и ту же мысль несколькими способами, поэтому всегда лучше думать самостоятельно и обращаться к готовым ответам лишь в случае затруднений. Кроме того, любой опытный учитель с легкостью отличит самостоятельно выполненную работу учащегося от списанной с ключей.


1. come 2. be 3. recover 4. celebrate 5. inform 6. answer 7. take 8. go 9. give 10. look 11. approve 12. be 13. forget 14. help 15. get


1. What will your brother writhe in his letter to Santa Claus? 2. Are you sure that you will do the job on your own? 3. Where will you stay on summer holidays? 4. We won’t stay at a hotel on the way to St. Petersburg. 5. How long will they repair the car? 6. Where will Annie park the car? There are no vacant places here. 7. The meeting with the writer will be interesting for you. 8. Will you help us with the cleaning at the weekend? 9. I don’t know where we will spend the winter holidays. 10. The guide will tell you about the history of this wonderful place during the excursion. 11. I hope the weather will be fine in July. 12. What subjects will you study next year? 13. How many friends will you invite to the birthday party? 14. How many people will take part in the competition? 15. You will read the story of a traveller about Tanzania in the coming issue of the magazine. 16. Who will become the director of the new part of Star Wars? 17. Who will help to clean the territory around the school? 18. What will you have for breakfast? 19. They will get married next year. 20. We will see the next solar eclipse in 2026.


1. there are 2. there were 3. was there 4. there will be 5. there are, there were 6. is there, there was 7. there will be 8. there will be 9. there were, there will be 10. is there, is


1d 2b 3a 4c 5c 6b 7a 8a 9d 10b 11d 12a 13b 14c 15a 16c 17a 18d 19b 20c 21b 22a 23a 24d 25c


1. If somebody is late we won’t wait and will leave. 2. Will you call back when you are free? 3. You will see the picture better if you take a few steps back. 4. When the summer begins many parents will send their children to summer camps. 5. You won’t know the answer until you read the book up to the end. 6. We need to know if we will have all the classes tomorrow. 7. As soon as the visa is ready we ‘ll buy the tickets to Spain. 8. In case the visa is not ready on Friday we’ll come to get it only on Wednesday. 9. On condition that you attend all the classes you will not have to take the final test. 10. I’ll send you an SMS (text you) as soon as the plane lands in Heathrow. 11. Will the voting take place if there is/are only half of the voters? 12. Where will you park your car if there are no vacant places in the parking lot? 13. We’ll speak to you when you begin to behave politely. 14. Tony dreams of buying a ‘Cadillac’ when he grows older. 15. You won’t get your passport until you turn 14. 16. Don’t buy a car until you get your driving licence. 17. If there are no available rooms at the hotel we’ll stay in the car overnight. 18. What district will you live in when you move to New York? 19. When granny has some free time she will knit the hats for you. 20. If you find my keys put them in front of the mirror.


1. promised, called, said, will 2. do, don’t, will stay, will have 3. created, is, works, do, tried, don’t 4. did, edit, will, is 5. will, are, was, liked, prefer, will


1. Every morning our neighbour, Mr Willis, takes his children to school. Their new school is far from home. Lat year they went to another school which was right across the road. I will probably change my school next year, too, and our neighbour will give me a lift.

2. My friend Tom doesn’t usually wear warm jackets in winter and, strangely enough, he doesn’t fall ill. But last winter the frosts were so severe that even he asked his parents to buy him a heavy coat and put it on every day in January. They say, that it will be cold this year as well and I think that I will buy something warm(er) next week.

3. Where does you cousin live now? – In Germany. Two years ago she worked in France and lived there. She will probably move to Britain in a few years.

4. When did Ann feed the dog? – I know that she didn’t feed it in the morning. Father gave the dog some dry food in the evening. – Well, I’ll buy some meat and feed it when I come back home.

5. Mom, did you set the alarm clock yesterday? – I probably forgot to do that. It didn’t go off but I woke up by myself 15 minutes later. – I will set it for 7 tonight as usual. – It’s too early. I will leave home at about 9 o’clock tomorrow. We won’t have the first and the second lesson.


1. Will you call back in 10 minutes? 2. Will you answer some more questions? 3. Shall I give you a lift home? 4. Shall I help you with the cleaning in the room? 5. Will you repeat the last sentence, please? 6. Shall I repeat the last sentence? 7. Shall I send you the e-mail address in a message?  8. Shall we come earlier than today? 9. Will you leave the book in the library for me? 10. Shall I print out the receipt for you?


1. amiable, short, middle-aged, French

2. exquisite, antique, wooden

3. boring, long, Swedish

4. expensive, old-fashioned, leather

5. beautiful, fast, Italian, sports

6. quiet, small, Spanish

7. big, Greek, apple

8. amazing, new, British

9. gilded, German, wooden

10. expensive, Chinese, silver


1. the deepest 2. more expensive 3. the most expensive 4. the heaviest 5. easier 6. helpful 7. more tired 8. harder 9. the hardest 10. the most important 11. better 12. the worst, the coldest 13. the latest 14. the last 15. cheaper 16. (the most) suitable 17. clever 18. good 19. the farthest 20. further 21. the older, the wiser 22. the oldest/the eldest 23. elder 24. the most unusual 25. more valuable


1. V 2. it’s better 3. farther 4. V 5. V 6. the longest 7. is much bigger 8. V 9. are faster than/as fast as 10. V 11. as fast as 12. a smaller size 13. V 14. more well-read/better-read (допустимы обе формы) 15. is healthier 16. more fragrant 17. much darker 18. V 19. V 20. smarter


1. New York is farther than Jerusalem and New Delhi from (the – чаще употребляется с определенным артиклем) Cape of Good Hope. Jerusalem is nearer to the Cape of Good Hope than New Delhi. New York is the farthest point from that place.

2. The jacket is the most expensive item and the hat is usually the cheapest. But the sale price for the shoes is the lowest. The jeans are $4.5 cheaper than usual. The biggest discount is on the jacket.

3. The TV is the longest and the heaviest item on the list. The box with the vacuum cleaner is wider and longer than with the laser printer. The TV is higher than the vacuum cleaner and the printer. The printer is the lightest item.


A. 1. The new jacket is more comfortable than the old one. 2. The new jacket is warmer than the old one. 3. I forgot to tell you the most important (piece of) news yesterday. 4. What is the tallest/highest building in New York? 5. Mr Siddons was the most educated man in his town. 6. The tea in the cup is not so hot as in the teapot. 7. Our school needs more modern equipment. 8. Grandpa is the most careful driver in our family. 9. The second solution to the problem is shorter than the first one, but either is correct. 10. My room on the second floor is not so warm as the lounge. 11. Dad is more interested in painting than in drawing. 12. This dress is more fashionable, let’s buy it. 13. This film is the least interesting on the list, let it be the last to watch. 14. I think that Tuesday evening is the most suitable time for a meeting. 15. Ann’s sister is not so emotional as she is.

B. 1. Tom is the least responsible of our staff. 2. Chihuahuas aren’t more aggressive than other lap-dogs. 3. Aivazovsky’s pictures are the most realistic in my opinion. 4. Matches are the most essential thing during a hiking tour. 5. The lorry is wider than a usual car and it won’t drive through this gate. 6. Where is the deepest spot of the world ocean? 7. The right headphone is louder than the left one, there’s something wrong with them. 8. The quality of many goods at the market is worse than that in the shop. 9. John’s composition seems to be the most interesting of all. 10. The first perfume that we tried smelt better than this. 11. Your idea is good but we need something more creative. 12. Every year some scientists get the Ig Nobel prize for the most useless discoveries and research(es). 13. The film didn’t turn out to be as scary as you (had) described it. 14. The stunt of the motorcyclist was the craziest and most impressive/incredible/stunning at the show. 15. I like more colourful pictures, this one is rather bland.


1. It is much warmer today than it was yesterday. 2. Some people think that theatre is far more interesting than cinema. 3. The tablet is much faster than the old laptop, so I use it more often. 4. Modern equipment is far more complicated than that 50 years ago. 5. The new armchair is much more comfortable and much softer than the old chair.6. The Universe is far bigger than we could imagine. 7. The room is much cosier now than it was last year. 8. A poem is much longer than a rhyme. 9. The Earth is far lighter than Jupiter. 10. The final test was much more difficult than the preliminary one.


1. deep 2. deeply 3. direct 4. directly/direct 5. easy 6. easily 7. free 8. freely 9. hard 10. hardly 11. high 12. highly 13. late 14. lately 15. near 16. nearly 17. surely/sure 18. surely 19. wide 20. widely 21. wrong 22. wrongly


1. Previously I could hold my breath for a minute and dive really deep. 2. Probably they deeply regret their words now. 3. The new direct flight is from the airport of Madrid to Bangkok. 4. I would like to talk direct/directly to the boss. 5. Take all the trouble(s) easy. 6. We found Mrs Winch’s house easily and knocked on her door. 7. You may visit the museums (for) free on winter holidays. 8. Tom spent his money as freely as he earned it. 9. Grandad says he always prepared hard for the exams when he was at university. 10. Don’t sit up late over your books. Go to bed. 11. Let the horse have a rest, it will hardly be able to run the twenty remaining kilometres. 12. Military jet-fighters fly very high, higher than passenger planes. 13. I remember all the lecturers at the university as highly educated people. 14. Brother has given mom this cellphone as a present lately, so she doesn’t know all its functions yet. 15. When we lived in the old cottage the school was quite near it and it was very convenient. 16. It took us nearly four hours to reach the top of the mountain. 17. It sure/surely is your best work, Jenny! 18. My nephew solves simple equations surely in the fourth grade. 19. A dentist always asks patients to keep their mouths wide open. 20. Nowadays we use bank cards widely when we do the shopping. 21. What did we do wrong then? 22. You blame the children for trifling mistakes wrongly.


1. closer, well 2. more fluently 3. fast 4. (more) energetically 5. more densely 6. (more) correctly 7. later 8. remarkably 9. more often 10. possibly


1. Sometimes it’s interesting to watch pets. 2. Are you sure that you feel good? – Yes, I feel much better today than yesterday. 3. The apple tastes bitter. Let’s not eat it. 4. The pie smells tasty, what did you make it of? 5. The representatives of some subcultures look really weird. 6. Your offer sounds attractive, let’s do it like this. 7. It’s important to remember the safety rules when you work/are working with electricity. 8. People usually feel comfortable only at home. 9. You look absolutely stunning in this dress, Millie! 10. Some words seem unusual in the English language because they are borrowed from (some) other languages.


A. 1. confident 2. inimitable 3. thorough 4. thoroughly 5. stunningly, similar 6. completely, particular, annually 7. casual, quickly, arduous 8. shortly, comfortably 9. general, basic, independently, significant 10. reluctant, common, inefficient

B. 1. surprisingly 2. irreversible, profitable 3. arrogant, nearly, haughty, utterly, completely 4. outrageous, impudent 5. hopelessly, really, seriously, respectfully 6. hopelessly, awful 7. inexplicably 8. dimly, constantly 9. was busy doing nothing – была занята ничегонеделанием, was busily doing nothing – ничего не делала, но при этом имела занятой вид, angrily, indistinct/indistinctly (оба варианта правильны) 10. amazingly, indelible


1. The train reaches Rochester faster than the bus. On the other hand, we can take the train only in the morning, whereas we can easily take the bus twice a day. Of course, the bus drives more slowly than the train but the difference of the total time spent on the way is not really significant (it makes 40 minutes).

2. Tom jumped (the) farthest of all the boys. Harry jumped (the) shortest. Huck jumped farther than Billy, and Billy jumped farther than Harry. Tom jumped 11 cm farther than Harry.


1. We packed our things hurriedly yesterday and left some of them at home. 2. The door didn’t close tightly and it was always chilly in the hall in winter. 3. The cat ran cautiously along the edge of the roof, paused for a moment and jumped quietly onto the porch. 4. We covered the first part of the way faster than usual but then we got completely stuck in a traffic-jam under the railway. 5. You need to get up a bit earlier because you are always late for your classes. 6. Grandad always answered my questions patiently and explained to me the things that I didn’t understand. 7. I hope we will get the parcel a little sooner. 8. We found something specially for you yesterday! – What’s that? – You’ll get to know it soon. 9. In his childhood Tom Higgins used to invent something constantly. If it didn’t work, he patiently looked for the cause and made everything work flawlessly. 10. When you pulled the handle harder it broke (in half). First think then do.


A. 1. too 2. enough 3. too 4. too 5. too, enough 6. enough 7. enough, too 8. too 9. enough 10. too


1. time 2. words 3. space 4. toys 5. oxygen 6. calcium 7. ink 8. bricks 9. potatoes 10. money


1. The new printer prints faster and the quality is much better. 2. Are you sure of your decision? – Yes, I am. I never take decisions hastily. 3. Vince shuffled the cards skillfully and suggested that we take one at random. 4. Granny was pleasantly surprised at the present and we felt happy. 5. The baby next door of cries at night and we can hardly fall asleep. 6. Tom is not a stupid person but he easily believes different swindlers at times. 7. The dull rainy season begins in October and it rains for a few months incessantly. 8. There is an amazingly beautiful view from your windows! 9. The arrow injured the deer slightly and it disappeared in the dense forest in no time. 10. Something clapped loudly and the bus stopped. 11. They are speaking so indistinctly in this record that I can’t make out anything. 12. Tom’s and Huck’s hearts began beating fiercely as Injun Joe (норма – Indian, но в произведении используется форма Injun, чтобы подчеркнуть особенности произношения) had frightened them greatly. 13. Start your life anew – go somewhere far away, buy a cottage there and live quietly and happily. 14. Nobody actually knows what happened to the crew and the passengers of the Flying Dutchman. 15. Follow this path and it will lead you direct to the bus stop. 16. Don’t take everything in the novel literally, there’s something to think over in it. 17. The musician played the piece of music in such an original way that everyone was astonished. 18. Do you intentionally write all the sentences with the first letter in lower case? – No, the cellphone replaces them for upper case letters automatically. 19. Japanese knives and swords are of exceptionally high quality and they are as sharp as a razor. 20. We need a newer and a more powerful vacuum cleaner.