Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 6

Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 6

Ключи предназначены исключительно для самопроверки. Любой язык предполагает возможность выразить одну и ту же мысль несколькими способами, поэтому всегда лучше думать самостоятельно и обращаться к готовым ответам лишь в случае затруднений. Кроме того, любой опытный учитель с легкостью отличит самостоятельно выполненную работу учащегося от списанной с ключей.


1 – is – f // 2 – am – d // 3 – are – i // 4 – is – a // 5 – are – e // 6 – is – c // 7 – is – g // 8 – is – j // 9 – is – b // 10 – are –h


1. is dicing, am peeling 2. are recording 3.is slowing down 4.  are not experiencing 5. is pouring 6. are struggling 7. is changing 8. is dripping, is getting 9. is doing, is killing, is developing 10. is getting 11. are shining 12. am uploading 13. are looking 14. is singing 15. is buzzing 16. are running 17. are doing, am cutting 18. is showing off 19. are walking 20. is calling, am cooking


A. 1. Look! A butterfly is fluttering in the room! 2. Dad is working in the study now, don’t bother him. 3. The water is boiling in the kettle. Turn off the gas, please. 4. The parents of the new student are talking to the headmaster now. 5. I think you are gaining weight. 6. You are listening to loud music, it can hurt your ears. 7. Are you watching TV now? – Now, you may change the channel. 8. It’s warm outside and the snowman is melting. 9. Are you repairing the motorbike again? 10. What is grandma knitting? She is knitting a scarf for you. 11. Why are you writing with a pencil? – My pen won’t write. 12. The dog is looking for something under the tree. – There must be a mole there. 13. You are making a mountain out of a molehill again. 14. The fire is burning feebly in the fireplace, put some more firewood into it. 15. The sun is shining, but it is cold outside all the same.

B. 1. Somebody is swinging (on the swings), they are squeaking and I cannot fall asleep. 2. What/which hotel are you staying at? – We aren’t staying at a hotel, we are staying at our friends’ place. 3. Why aren’t the children sleeping? 4. The paint is drying, don’t touch the picture with your fingers. 5. What is jingling in the distance? – The clock in the town hall is chiming midnight. 6. Where are Tom and Ann now? – They are having dinner at a café 30 km from London. 7. You are decorating the Christmas tree so early! 8. Look! The truck is driving and spilling the sand from the body onto the ground. 9. You are discussing completely useless things. 10. I am trying to find the necessary article on the website, but the Internet is running slow(ly).


1. Do you envy 2. is translating 3. don’t understand, are talking 4. tastes 5. expect (однако, сейчас встречаются и примеры с Continuous, … are expecting that…) 6. recognize 7. do you like, is wearing 8. is standing, is waiting 9. look/are looking, seems 10. am squeezing 11. know, know 12. includes 13. is shining 14. don’t hear 15. does…belong 16. need 17. am telling, don’t believe 18. are you holding 19. are drinking, don’t like, are, prefer 20. don’t you agree


1, is having 2. do you think 3. is thinking 4. have 5. are having 6. do you have 7. think 8. are you having 9. are you thinking 10. thinks


1. writes, is working 2. do…read, are 3. isn’t working 4. do you hear, is scratching 5. am listening, don’t think, is 6. is ringing, do you know 7. are you trying, am looking for, are 8. do you wake up, barks 9. is malfunctioning 10. do you set up, prefer, fall of, have, smells


1. had, are eating 2. come, drop in, am having 3. repeated, put 4. were, is raining 5. planted 6. are you buying 7. are, am driving, called, wanted, didn’t get 8. is riding, did…fix, is, is using


A. 1. It often rains in London. 2. Does it often rain in Brighton? 3. It doesn’t often rain in Egypt. 4. Is it raining in Moscow now? 5. Is it raining in St Petersburg today? 6. Fortunately, it is not raining today. 7. It rained yesterday and the day before yesterday. 8. But it didn’t rain on Monday. 9. When did it rain here last time? 10. I hope it will rain soon, the soil is so dry. 11. It won’t rain tomorrow, the sky is clear. 12. When will it finally rain?

B. 1. It snows at the end of January and in February most often. 2. It never snows in September. 3. When does it usually snow in Pskov? 4. It is snowing now, and everything around is white. 5. It isn’t snowing anymore; let’s go out for a walk! 6. Is it snowing in your place now? 7. It first snowed on the 20th of November. 8. When did it first snow last year? 9. It didn’t snow even at New Year. 10. Will it snow tomorrow? 11. No, it won’t snow tomorrow; it is still too warm outside. 12. The forecast says it will snow at the weekend.

C. 1. It is thawing and we can make a snowman. 2. It rarely hails so heavily in our town. 3. It froze at night and the roads are slippery now. 4. Listen! It is thundering! 5. It’s raining cats and dogs! (It’s pouring!) 6. It’s drizzling and we may go and pick mushrooms soon.


1. are coming 2. are moving 3. am getting 4. are publishing 5. are you going 6. are flying 7. am not staying 8. are taking 9. is arriving 10. are performing


A. 1. We are setting off at dawn. 2. Sylvia is coming back to Las Vegas in December. 3. We are starting our lecture at 16.45 tomorrow. 4. Professor Smith, not Professor Wilkins, is delivering the lecture tomorrow. 5. They are delivering the fridge at about 9 p.m. 6. The film is coming out in ten days. 7. Some new neighbours are moving into the flat next door. 8. They are putting the house up for sale next month. 9. The new issue of the newspaper is coming out on January, 11th, right after the holidays. 10. They are cutting off electricity from 11 till 15.

B. 1. You are always calling in early morning! 2. You are always losing your keys! 3. She is always shouting at her children. 4. Why are you always calling people names? 5. You are leaving the light on all the time! 6. The children are scratching the new desks all the time! 7. The dog is barking on and on at night! 8. You are always deceiving your parents! 9. The workers are making noise at the construction site without a break! 10. Why are you always dropping litter all around the house?


1. will help, will have 2. is delivering, will come 3. are we staying 4. will win 5. are setting 6. will you do 7. are you seeing 8. will you deliver 9. am not coming 10. will cook


A. 1. is going to buy 2. are you going to do 3. is going to come 4. are you going to pass 5. am going to make 6. is going to commission 7. am not going to tell 8. is going to puzzle 9. are going to leave 10. are they going to spend

B. 1. are going to fall 2. is going to fall and break into pieces 3. are going to spill the water 4. is going to explode/blow up 5. is going to go off 6. is going to slide off 7. is going to break it 8. is going to come off 9. are going to burn 10. are going to cut yourself


A. 1. will anyone come…/is anyone going to come… 2. will you answer… 3. it is going to rain 4. will open/is opening/opens 5. don’t pull, will fail 6. shall I repeat… 7. will you repeat… 8. is flickering, is going to burn out 9. will finish/finish 10. is going to faint 11. is, we will pay 12. will return/are returning/are going to return 13. will you call back 14. are you going to take/are you taking 15. will call and (will) come

B. 1. is meeting 2. leaves 3. are we going to wait 4. is leaving 5. we will put off and come 6. will inform 7. start, will find 8. will recover, follow 9. are going to have/will have 10. won’t fit 11. are you staying 12. will move 13. is changing 14. are taking/take 15. will you follow, will


A. 1. Miracles happen in life if you believe in them. 2. Last year we finally visited London and Edinburgh. 3. Dark objects quickly get hot in the sun. 4. Are you warming up the soup? 5. We will probably be in St Petersburg on Wednesday and will come over to you. 6. I don’t walk in such heavy rain. 7. It is raining so heavily and I’m walking back home from the university. 8. Are you going to sell your country house? 9. Someone is knocking on the door. Will you have a look who it is? 10. Who was absent from the classes yesterday? 11. Will you come to school on the last day? 12. None of my friends is going to watch this film at the cinema. 13. Everything will change soon. 14. Which of you is going to enter medical universities? 15. Once grandpa found a clay pot with some coins on our plot. 16. From time to time archaeologists find interesting items in this area. 17. Tanya’s guinea pig is little but it eats a lot. 18. None of the students are going to take a Biology exam this year. 19. When and where did you last meet Julia? 20. Shall I give you a lift to work?

B. 1. Last month Barbara read three books in French. On the whole, she knows French quite well but rarely reads book in it. She is studying German intensely now. I suppose she will go to Germany in a few years and begin to work there.

2. Where did your children spend the summer? – They stayed in the city. They usually go to the country to their grandmother’s place and live there for three months on holidays. They have autumn holidays now and they are in the country. – When are they coming back? – They are returning with their grandpa by car on Sunday evening.

3. We carried out the same experiments in Physics lessons in year 9. – And our teacher doesn’t show us such things. – Are you still studying electricity? – We are, but we are going to take the last chapter of the textbook soon.

4. We arrived in Berlin by plane though we usually go by train. We are coming back to Moscow in a week. – Will you give us a call when you return? – Sure.

5. Why didn’t you send the e-mail when I asked you to? – I am not in town now, and the Internet connection is always slow. I am writing this letter to you right now. Will you send the confirmation when you receive the letter?

C. 1. Look! The thermometer is going to roll off the table and break in pieces! 2. Will you wait for three more minutes? 3. Did you find what you wanted in the library yesterday? 4. We aren’t going to argue over silly questions with you anymore. 5. Will granny be glad if you come to her with your friends? 6. Professor Warner will willingly answer all your questions after the lecture. 7. Where is he delivering the lecture to the students? 8. Where shall we put the things? 9. How long are you going to have practice abroad? 10. Who else is going to Berlin with you? 11. The plane leaves Bangkok at 12.23. 12. We didn’t learn two foreign languages at school. 13. What are you saving for? – I’m going to buy a new bicycle. – I bought mine last winter when the prices were lower. 14. The concert begins at noon. Are you going there? – No, we are going to have a very important day tomorrow and I need to get prepared. 15. Where do you have PE lessons? – Usually we are in the new gym, but they are redecorating it now and we have no PE lessons at all. I think we will resume them next month.


1. A girl from our group hurt herself when she tripped in a PE lesson. 2. Could you please introduce yourself to the audience? 3. Did you enjoy yourself at the party yesterday? 4. Foxes and other animals often kill themselves when they run across highways. 5. Help yourselves to the cake, please! 6. I had to exert myself to solve that problem. 7. In my childhood I saw myself as a film star. 8. Thomas cut himself slightly while shaving. 9. We tried to convince ourselves that we really needed those changes. 10. You can dry yourself on this green towel.


1. yourself/yourselves 2. himself 3. themselves 4. ourselves 5. itself 6. yourselves 7. herself 8. herself 9. ourselves/myself/yourself/yourselves 10. itself


1. After the divorce Mary couldn’t come to herself for a long time. 2. In his youth this man decided to devote himself to science. 3. Have a good time, make yourself comfortable! 4. A lot of young people strive to express themselves and draw everyone’s attention with bright clothes and unusual haircuts. 5. Where did you hurt yourself? 6. Help yourself to anything you want. 7. When the tourists got off the train they couldn’t make out where they found themselves. 8. The lecturer didn’t introduce himself at the first lesson, so we still don’t know his name. 9. We need to dry ourselves off before going out; otherwise we may catch a cold. 10. Behave yourself!


we see, you will come to us, begin, and looking, you sent me, who is that, didn’t remember, still taking, maybe I will visit


A. 1. Dad is looking for some box in the attic. 2. Tom and Ann are travelling somewhere in South America now. 3. Look! Somebody is trying to detach a wheel of your car! 4. Are you doing anything about the house today? 5. Are your friends going anywhere in the evening? 6. Nobody is frightening you, don’t be afraid. 7. Is Ann worrying about anything? 8. Something is rolling in the trunk, let’s stop and have a look. 9. Are you watching anything interesting? – No, it’s just the news. 10. I am sure that the cat is hiding somewhere in the living-room.

B. 1. Who likes to ask many questions in your class? 2. You are carrying too many books and you are going to drop something! 3. I think we are taking a lot of unnecessary things with us. 4. Do you always spend so much time on cleaning? 5. Many of the guests are getting bored and are going to leave. 6. The prices for many goods are rising. 7. I hope I am not giving you much trouble. 8. Do many of you know the name of W. Thackeray? 9. A lot of people are getting home by public transport because of the blizzard. 10. How many pilots are taking part in the strike today?

C. 1. We had few French lessons last year because our teacher was often on business trips. 2. I believe we will find a few days in summer to visit St Petersburg. 3. The students always complain that they find little information on the last question of the examination. 4. I think that only few of you will recognize this famous person in the photo. 5. We found a little paint in the pantry and painted the gate. 6. We had little paint and we didn’t paint even the gate. 7. Did you intentionally leave a few reams of paper in the car yesterday?  8. A few lightbulbs were out of order in the chandelier and there was not enough light in the room. 9. The children had little money on them and they didn’t even buy any souvenirs. 10. I will give you a few useful pieces of advice if you listen to me attentively.

D. 1. We’ll need some more reliable tools for this work. 2. The latest issue of the magazine seemed the most interesting of all to us. 3. They worked as long as they could, till dusk. 4. If you eat more fruit and vegetables you will feel better than now. 5. Do you feel better now than last week? 6. You are riding much faster than usual! – Certainly, this bike is better and lighter than the old one. 7. John was the least diligent of all the (other) students at school. 8. Are you really going to put up at one of the best and most expensive hotels in our city? 9. This one is definitely going to be the best report at the conference! 10. You did not understand the most important point in the story/novel/work.