Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 9

Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 9

Ключи предназначены исключительно для самопроверки. Любой язык предполагает возможность выразить одну и ту же мысль несколькими способами, поэтому всегда лучше думать самостоятельно и обращаться к готовым ответам лишь в случае затруднений. Кроме того, любой опытный учитель с легкостью отличит самостоятельно выполненную работу учащегося от списанной с ключей.


1. was raining 2. was rowing 3. were flickering, was getting 4. was examining 5. was waiting 6. was changing 7. was dozing 8. was freezing, was crunching 9. was doing 10. was whirling


1i 2j 3g 4e 5a 6d 7b 8h 9c 10f


1. Where were you walking when I called you? 2. What were they talking about when you entered the room? 3. Who were you talking to on the phone from 5 to 5.30? 4. What music was playing in the car when we were driving home? 5. Were you at home while I was walking to the post office? 6. How many students were sitting in the room when you peeped inside? 7. Why was the dog hiding while we were staying at your place? 8. The electrician was changing the lightbulbs from 11 to 14. 9. Were you boring the walls while I was sleeping? 10. Whose dog was barking at about 11 last night?


1. В тот момент Сэм пытался понять, где он совершил ошибку. 2. Шел проливной дождь. Фермер не мог припомнить, чтобы нечто подобное случалось раньше. 3. С 7 и до полуночи Стивен приводил в порядок бумаги, которые он сгрудил в своей комнате за два или три предыдущих года. 4. Те немногие, кто выжил при кораблекрушении, сейчас сушили свою убогую, заношенную одежду на камнях, разогретых солнцем. 5. Эскадрон спал, измученный сражением, которое было выиграно с невосполнимыми потерями.


1. The ship was drifting and approaching dry land: the storm had torn the sails to shreds and now the crew was desperately trying to avoid running aground on the reefs. 2. The works had just finished installing the windows and now they were sitting and drinking coffee. 3. The last train had departed and Victor and Sonya were sitting on the bench in front of the railway station completely alone. 4. The lights had gone out in all the houses and only in Ann’s room either a candle or a table lamp was glowing dimly. 5. The children were swinging on the swings which we had set up together with Tom in the yard.


e.g. On Monday at 7 a.m. I was jogging in the park.


e.g. On Tuesday at noon I will be having lunch at a café.


1. Where will you be waiting for me at 6? 2. What will they be doing from 7 to 8? 3. We will be going by bus to Rochester at the same time tomorrow. 4. The doctor will be receiving (the) patients in Room 308 from 12 to 4 o’clock. 5. We will be cleaning the territory around the house the whole day tomorrow. 6. I think I won’t be sleeping at midnight, so you can give me a call. 7. We will be coming back home at around 7 p.m. 8. The forecast says that it will be snowing from Monday morning till Tuesday evening. 9. The children will be waiting for you at 8, don’t be late! 10. We will be flying from 12 to 18, so you won’t be able to reach us on the phone.


1. arrives, will be sleeping 2. begins, will be sitting 3. reach, will be fidgeting 4. come up, will be waiting 5. install, will be scanning


1. As soon as you get upstairs you will see a big signboard on your right. I’ll be waiting for you at 3 o’clock sharp. 2. When I am free, I’ll text you and I will be walking around the city till 5 p.m. 3. When Tatiana finishes work she will come to us and we will be preparing the documents for the visa.


1. The antivirus program will be scanning the files until it finds some threats. 2. She will be learning the poem by heart until she is able to recite it at first attempt without a (single) slip. 3. I’ll be training today until I get tired. 4. Will you be reading until you fall asleep? 5. We will be digging until we find water.


1. a) were printing out b) are you printing out c) will be printing out

2. a) is fitting b) will be fitting c) was fitting

3. a) am copying b) were copying c) will be copying

4. a) was studying b) will be studying c) is/are studying

5) a) will be lying b) is lying c) was lying


was walking, heard, raised, darted, was sitting, had lived, knew, were looking, has, will be stuffing, do, lit, had learnt, hopped, is walking, were walking, was watching, were taking, was, were, think


1. The Prime Minister will be answering the viewers’ questions from 10 to 3 on Saturday. 2. It was raining the whole weekend and we couldn’t go out for a walk. 3. I am marking a composition and correcting the mistakes. I’ll be ready in half an hour. – Good. I’ll be waiting for you in the living room. 4. While we were doing the shopping the postman came and brought us a letter and the newspapers. 5. I think I’ll be waiting in the queue for a long time, you may go and sit in the car. 6. Tanya and Vika are definitely coming to the birthday party. 7. The Internet isn’t working again! – I think there’s something wrong with the router because it was not working yesterday when I came back home. 8. The students will be taking the exam in the foreign language from 9 to 12. 9. While we were riding our bikes we took a few nice pictures in the forest. 10. While you are cleaning the house I’ll go shopping. 11. While Tom was driving the children were sleeping.