Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 11

Ключи (ответы) к упражнениям учебного пособия «Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений» (Словохотов К.П.). Unit 11

Ключи предназначены исключительно для самопроверки. Любой язык предполагает возможность выразить одну и ту же мысль несколькими способами, поэтому всегда лучше думать самостоятельно и обращаться к готовым ответам лишь в случае затруднений. Кроме того, любой опытный учитель с легкостью отличит самостоятельно выполненную работу учащегося от списанной с ключей.


1a 2h 3c 4j 5i 6b 7g 8f 9e 10d


1. This word is often pronounced with the stress on the first syllable by students. 2. The behaviour of parents is often copied by children. 3. Vegetables are usually kept in the lower section of the fridge. 4. Tens of new species are discovered by scientists every year. 5. More and more profiles are removed from social networks. 6. Glass is made out of sand. 7. Car engines are mostly warmed up by drivers on frosty days. 8. The woods in our region aren’t cut down so intensely any more. 9. The flags are hung all around the city on public holidays. 10. The children are collected by their parents from school at 4 p.m. 11. Encrypted messages are deciphered with the help of computers by military specialists. 12. Ink cartridges are generally replaced once a month. 13. Airports are sometimes built on artificial islands. 14. Various syntactic functions are performed by some parts of speech. 15. France is separated from Great Britain by the English Channel. 16. Human skin is protected from UV radiation by sunscreens. 17. People are replaced by robots in multiple production processes. 18. Divers and surfers are most frequently attacked by sharks at the Great Barrier Reef. 19. The Australian continent is washed by two oceans. 20. English and French are spoken as two official languages in Canada.


1. The entrance door is usually locked up by the caretaker at 10 p.m. 2. Such old equipment is rarely used at schools. 3. Compact cars are designed for big cities. 4. The old mansion is haunted. 5. The garden is enclosed by a fence with only one gate in it. 6. Mrs Mills’ and her daughter’s birthdays are celebrated on the same day. 7. Usual filament lamps are replaced by LED lamps. 8. Some pot plants are watered seldom. 9. Drivers are not distracted thanks to mobile headsets. 10. Most blocks of flats are equipped with cargo lifts. 11. Furniture and household appliances are built in(to) the walls of modern flats. 12. Mr Wilson’s lectures are listened to with great attention.


1. The banks are usually opened at 10 and closed at 7 o’clock. 2. This story is known to anyone/everyone so you don’t need to tell it again. 3. All the computers in the house are connected wirelessly. 4. A considerable part of the goods today is purchased with cards. 5. Tourists are attracted by the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon. 6. The safety rules are printed on an A3 sheet of paper and placed by the blackboard in the Chemistry classroom. 7. The brightest ideas of the students are put into practice. 8. When the combination SHIFT+DEL is pressed the files are deleted permanently. 9. Groundhog Phil is taken out of his warm hole every year in order to find out how soon the spring will come. 10. Sometimes we are given such tasks by the teacher which are impossible to do. 11. The crops are harvested by several combines simultaneously. 12. We are always warned of any changes in advance. 13. The words considerable and considerate are often confused. 14. The most important events are specially highlighted among the other news on the website. 15. A lot of infectious diseases are transmitted by insects.


1f 2e 3a 4b 5h 6j 7g 8c 9i 10d


1. The steaks were overdone and none of the guests found them tasty. 2. The dodo was killed in a relatively short period of time. 3. Sid was given a surprisingly warm welcome by the children. 4. The first satellite was successfully launched by the USSR in 1957. 5. The discussion was postponed till the next week. 6. Some of the first settlements on the American continent were founded by pilgrims. 7. Mr Pitts was summoned into the landlord’s office. 8. The British Isles were invaded by the Romans in 43 AD. 9. Smoking in public places was prohibited 7 years ago. 10. St Paul’s Cathedral was designed and built by Sir Christopher Wren. 11. Most of the lazy workers were fired last month. 12. When was this song fist sung by M. Dietrich? 13. The agreement was signed by none of the participants. 14. A lot of novels and short stories were translated from English and French into Russian by Nora Gal. 15. The telephone was invented by A. G. Bell in 1876. 16. Some young trees were bent to the ground by the storm. 17. The splinter was removed only by a doctor from Mike’s finger. 18. The application was submitted on the Internet. 19. Our visas were issued by the embassy on August, 17th. 20. The last check for updates was automatically performed a few days ago.


1. The hardback edition of the novel was published in May. 2. You allergy was caused by some exotic pollen. 3. The mistake in the code was corrected in no time. 4. Free catalogues were distributed among all the educational institutions in the region. 5. The discussion was put off till the next Friday. 6. We were astonished by the Zwinger during our visit to Dresden. 7. The cash dispensers were secured from unauthorized access by a new alarm system. 8. Tom was discouraged from carrying on his research by bad luck. 9. The final decision was made only after a year of negotiations. 10. The sixth optional exam was excluded from the list in 2010. 11. The old blocks of flats were leveled for a new construction site. 12. The disaster was averted by the emergency services.


1. More than one hundred trees were planted by the students of our school in the park. 2. The novel was first translated into Russian and published in 1965. 3. A passenger plane was first sped up to the ultrasonic speed at the end of the 60s. 4. The flight to Frankfurt was delayed due to the weather conditions yesterday. 5. We were made to wait for some hours at the airport. 6. Last year thirty tons of plastic were recycled at the plant. 7. At the end of the year the hardware was upgraded and new software was installed. 8. The door was slammed by draught and they were trapped. 9. All the orders were delivered on time on December, 30th. 10. Our picnic fire was put out by the rain at once. 11. All the witnesses were questioned in an hour and a half. 12. The biggest catfish was caught in our river at the end of the 70s. 13. In the past healing properties were ascribed to dangerous and poisonous substances. 14. The landing spot for the helicopter was marked as a circle on the sand. 15. The house was surrounded by a thick forest and it couldn’t be seen from the outside.


1e 2h 3i 4a 5c 6d 7j 8f 9g 10b


1. The prices will be compared and the most suitable supplier will be chosen. 2. The wheat will be ground into flour by the miller using the traditional technology. 3. Anyone will be cheated by these guys at the first opportunity. 4. The criminals will definitely be spotted at the border. 5. The pump will be fully immersed into water and tested again. 6. The floor will be distressed and varnished by the carpenter. 7. The students’ interest in the subject will probably be revived. 8. The local population will soon be evicted from the territory because an airport will be built/will have been built in a few years here. 9. Hopefully, measures of precaution will be taken in case of flood danger. 10. The hotel rooms will be booked for you, don’t worry.


1. The use of nuclear weapons and energy will be reduced in the future. 2. The coat of paint will gradually be deteriorated by sunlight. 3. The training programme for the exchange students will be supervised by Mr Wilkinson. 4. You will be put through to the sales department in a few seconds. 5. The nuclear waste will be stored in a new repository. 6. A viable solution to the problem will be proposed. 7. The shelf life of fresh food will be extended by a lower temperature. 8. Humans will probably be enslaved by robots in the future. 9. You will be ushered to your seats by the attendant. 10. The rails will be examined for hidden defects by the service staff.


1. The results of the language competition in English will be announced in a week. 2. This year the competition will be held at the new stadium. 3. You will be asked to fill in the form in English. 4. When will the satellite be launched to Mars? 5. Your personal data won’t be published on the website. 6. The security will be ensured by the police officers. 7. Will you be invited to the exhibition of modern art? 8. You test papers will be marked next week. 9. All these apples will be picked and dried. 10. The new underground station will be opened next year.


1e 2c 3a 4j 5f 6b 7h 8g 9d 10i


1. The wiring in the basement is being run today. 2. The bushes are being trimmed and the lawn is being mown today. 3. Take a look at how the animation film is being created. 4. The access to the power supply is being restored. 5. The freight train is being unloaded now. 6. The new photos are being edited and prepared for publishing. 7. The snow is being cleaned away in the yard. 8. Our Maths teacher is being substituted for by Mrs Smith this week. 9. The patient is being examined by the doctor. 10. A film is being shot in our town.


1. The writer is being interviewed in the library now. 2. The piping is being repaired. 3. The new equipment is being installed in the IT classroom today. 4. Your papers are being marked, wait a few minutes and you’ll know the results. 5. The printer driver is still being installed, don’t shut down the computer. 6. The linen is tumble-dried. 7. The food is being warmed up in the microwave oven. 8. The document is being scanned, wait. 9. The file is being converted into .pdf. 10. The museum is being restored now.


1. the yard was being cleaned 2. the table was being laid 3. the software was being updated 4. the things for the trip were being packed, the booking was being made 5. the door lock was still being repaired


1. While the car was being washed at the car-wash, we managed to drop in at a café. 2. When we arrived at the town the cinema was being built. 3. When we entered the room the last question was being discussed. 4. A film about the artists of the 19th century was being shown at the exhibition from 10 to 12. 5. Can you imagine that a driver was sitting in the car but it was being controlled by a computer?! 6. We could see a vertical trail from the window of the plane. A missile was being launched. 7. We could smell that something tasty was being cooked in the kitchen. 8. I was just being interviewed when you called me. 9. The room was being aired from 9 to 9.30 before classes. 10. While the documents were being loaded an error occurred.


1. Have all the flowers been watered in the garden yet? 2. Not all the students have been asked yet. 3. Harry has finally been cured of his insomnia. 4. The date for the inauguration of the President has been set. 5. This stone idol has been worshipped by the tribe for hundreds of years. 6. The ground hasn’t been fully covered by the snow yet. 7. Have you been frightened by anything, Susie? 8. Some part of the crop has been spoilt by rats. 9. The settlement has been demolished by the hurricane in no time. 10. We have been soaked to the skin by the rain.


1. has not been cleaned 2. has not been removed 3. has not been made 4. have not been booked 5. have been scanned


1. The visas haven’t been issued in January yet. 2. The copyright on this piece (of music, etc) has been claimed quite recently. 3. The phone has been washed with the clothes by accident. 4. The driver has just been fined $100 for not having fastened/not fastening the seatbelt. 5. The criminal has been disarmed by the police today. 6. Access to the Internet has been restored. 7. The building hasn’t been repaired a single time since the 70s. 8. Nothing has been done since I went on a business trip. 9. Some animal has been trapped. 10. The contacts has been permanently removed from the sim–card.


1. had been cooked 2. had been given away 3. had been sold out 4. had been booked 5. had been resumed 6. had been exhausted 7. had been attacked 8. had been explored 9. he had been acquitted 10. had been destroyed


1. We picked out the topics for our reports from the ones that had been suggested by the teacher. 2. Last year we began using the technology that had previously been tested by our colleagues from Spain. 3. I charged the battery after it had been fully discharged. 4. In the film the children took out the ‘time capsule’ that had been buried underground by the students of the same school fifty years before. 5. The scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize ten years after the problem had been solved. 6. We managed to find the letter that had been written by the composer himself. 7. You didn’t find the necessary files as they had been moved to another folder. 8. The student took the mobile phone that had been left by someone in the cloakroom to the headmaster. 9. I managed to solve the problem thanks to the rule that had been explained to us by the teacher at the lesson. 10. Our friends found their lost dog among the others that had been put into the pound.


1. The work will have been finished by 8 on Friday evening. 2. The new skating rink will have been opened by New Year. 3. I hope that all the issues will have been discussed by 5 o’clock. 4. The story will have been published by the end of the month. 5. When Tom arrives his birthday present will have already been delivered. 6. You printer will have been repaired by tomorrow. 7. The school will have been redecorated by the beginning of the new school year.


1. at 2. for 3. for 4. to 5. for 6. on 7. for


1. had been made 2. will be defeated 3. has been opened 4. was advertised/has been advertised 5. will have been finished 6. had been removed 7. are granted 8. is repeated 9. was replaced 10. are sold out


1. He said that nuclear batteries would be invented in the near future. 2. He mentioned that the Earth would be saved from an ecological disaster when people stopped using cars. 3. He wrote in a message that all the diseases would be defeated. 4. He said that all the wars would be ceased. 5. He reported that all rubbish would be recycled and reused for different purposes. 6. He also said that deserts would be turned into blooming gardens. 7. Besides, he mentioned that something interesting would be found on Mars.