Dialogues in English — Travelling by Air

Dialogues in English — Travelling by Air

— Hello, John. Haven’t seen you long.

— No wonder. In August I travelled over Europe.

— Did you travel by bus or by train?

— Nothing like that. I prefer travelling by bus only within the extents of one country. And travelling by air is much more convenient.

— I see. I’m fond of flying too, as looking down, you gain a magnificent view of charming landscapes. You see cities, towns, villages, rivers and lakes each following the other in a quick succession.

— Besides, it’s really pleasant to travel with comfort, no dusty carriages, no fidgeting, no changings, plus extreme speed. Besides you can adjust your seat, lean back and relax.

— Right, all the jet-propelled aircrafts fly nowadays at the speed not less than 700 km per hour. But the problem is that some people get air-sick while flying. 

— Besides, a ticket for a plane is very expensive, but on the other hand, you are provided with an excellent meal and you save in hotel charges, so, when you are travelling a long distance it really saves your money.

— You’re quite right. I remember my flight from Moscow to Vladivostok, you leave behind a huge city at night and when you’re already airborne you see the sunrise. Besides, at the altitude of 9000 meters you perceive the Urals quite differently; you can see their outlines at a great distance smothered in fog.

— Yes, it seems that you belong to a bigger, wider, freer world than the one you’ve left.

— But year by year it gets more dangerous to travel by air.

— Unfortunately, that’s right, but all the same people travelling on business have to save time, so that there’s no other way out.

— By the way what companies did you choose?

— Aeroflot and Lüfthansa in Europe.

Обсуждение закрыто.