Test on Adverbs (1)

Test on Adverbs (1)

a) I prefer watching TV ____________ at the weekend. (в основном)

b) I could____________ speak, because I was dreadfully tired. (едва, едва ли)

c) Mike saw his ____________ opened eyes. (широко)

d) ”It’s __________ five o’clock!”-exclaimed Mary. (почти)

e) Tobias Smollett was a _______________ known writer in the 18th century. (широко)

f) The belfry stood_________ above the rest of buildings in the vicinity. (высоко)

g) All the pupils in the class were _____________ interested in Chemistry. (в высшей степени)

h) You don’t work _______ enough to pass the examination. (упорно, усердно)

i) They were ____________ taken for policemen, that’s why a horrible mess occurred in the hall. (ошибочно)

j) If I remember it _________, Mr. Binns was a ghost-teacher at Hogwarts. (правильно)

k) An odd man was standing ________ the fireplace. (рядом)

l) What do you like ________ of all? (больше всего)

m) Why do you always write the word “acquaintance” _______? (неправильно)

n) The three travellers set out on their journey ________ at night. (поздно)

o) Where have you been __________? (недавно)

p) The catch was ___________ divided among the fishermen. (справедливо)

Translate the sentences into English:

1.Ты бы чувствовал себя лучше, если бы не высокая температура.

2.Если бы у тебя не было сейчас высокой температуры, ты бы чувствовал себя лучше.

3.Если бы не глупая шутка Джона, Лиз не плакала бы вчера после уроков.

4.Если бы Джон вчера глупо (stupidly) не пошутил, Лиз не плакала бы после уроков.

5.Если бы не твоя помощь, я бы вчера не справился с заданием.

6.Если бы ты мне не помог, я бы вчера не справился с заданием.

7.Если бы он тогда хитро не улыбнулся, я бы ему поверил.

8.Если бы не его хитрая улыбка, я бы поверил ему тогда.

9.На твоем месте я бы был осторожнее.

10.На твоем месте я бы был внимательнее вчера на уроке.

11.Если у нас во вторник будет выходной, мы пойдем в кино.

12.Если я найду твою тетрадь, то обязательно верну её.


Task 3.Give the comparative and the superlative forms:

Early, often, hard, easily, well, little, long, clearly, slowly, quickly.

Task 4. Open the brackets, using the right form of the adverb:

1. I like this dress (well) than the black one.
2. Now she visits them (frequently) than last year.
3. Our new car is (fast) than the old one.
4. Which of all these books did you enjoy (much)?
5. Now I can hear you (clearly) than before.
6. You ought to have told me (much).
7. Who works (hard), Mike, Pete or Jack?
8. He speaks English (fluently) of all in my class.
9. The (hard) you work, the (soon) you make progress.
10. Is the sound loud enough or shall I make it (loud)?
11. Yesterday they finished work (late) than usual.
12. The little girl sang far 9well) than her sister.
13. The boy’s greatest ambition was to become a pilot and fly (high and fast) of all.
14. I could see very far from my place, but Ben climbed a tree and saw even (far) beyond the field.
15. We envied John, for he lived (near) of all; it took him the least time to get to the office.
16. Our horses ran pretty fast, but Serena’s Arrow ran (quickly) than my White Star, and Ivo’s Lightning – (fast), as usual.
17. I like this picture (well) of all.
18. I missed our walks together, but those long evening conversations by the fireplace I missed (much) of all.
19. He stepped (close) and saw that they were playing with little kittens.

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