English Grammar Dialogues — the Subjunctive Mood 1

English Grammar Dialogues — the Subjunctive Mood 1

—     Hello, Mike! Haven’t seen you for ages. You look rather tired.

—     No surprise. I’ve just returned from a holiday cruise.

—     That’s great! I wish I spent a couple of days somewhere on the sea. I’ve been working without a break already for two weeks.

—     And I wish I had never done it. A storm was raging all the time, and if I had not gone there, I would feel much better now.

—     Oh, I see. But for my work, I would have been far away from here in Turkey, two days ago. I had nearly bought a ticket for the plane, but at the last moment I had to give up the idea.

—     That’s rather disappointing. And where else would you go if you had enough time?

—     I think I would go to Germany or to England, I like these countries. If only I had enough money, I would travel all over the world, I like Oriental countries as well.

—     Ok. It’s doubtless, I should never spend my holidays on the sea. I decided that I was a poor sailor. It’s good that the ship was reliable enough, and the storm was really heavy, otherwise I wouldn’t be speaking with you now, John.

—     I see. It’s always desirable, that one should think everything over before going on a trip. Otherwise everything can be spoilt.

—     If I were you, I would put an application for leave. One may easily have a nervous breakdown after several years of hard work.

—     Well, I think it’s time I had a rest after all, too. I think I’ll book a ticket for next week. And now I have to go, as I am to be at an urgent meeting at 3, ok?

—     Ok. See you later. Have a good time!

—     Thanks. Oh, they shifted the time of the meeting yesterday. It’s impossible that I should have forgotten it.  I am to be there at 2.30. I have to run, it’s already a quarter past two.


—     Good-bye…

Обсуждение закрыто.