Dialogues in English — Sea Cruise

Dialogues in English — Sea Cruise

Hello, Mike. I hear you’ve just returned from a holiday cruise.

Right. I spent over a week on board the ‘Odessa’, a very beautiful sea-going liner.

OK. It seems to me I know her (the ship-she). Isn’t it a beautiful ship with three decks? I saw it when I was in Novorossiysk last time.

Oh, this ship often calls at the port of Novorossiysk. It was there that I went on its board.

Was it a rough or a smooth voyage? I know that a heavy storm was raging for two days on the Black Sea. I mean last week.

It took me a few days to get accustomed to the rolling motion of the ship. But all the same I can’t say that I’m a poor sailor.

Well you see, the displacement of the ‘Odessa’ is large. Once I happened to be on board a small ship and the motion and rocking of it was awful.  And you can easily go by the board when the sea is rough enough.

Yes, I always try to hold on tightly to the rail even if it’s windy. But I prefer to weather a storm in the cabin.

By the way, how many passengers does the “Odessa” accommodate?

I’m not absolutely sure, but 600 at least. Oh, you know I shared the cabin with a very interesting person, a biologist coming from America. He told me a lot about the fauna of the sea.

Ok. I know that usually there isn’t much space in a cabin. There’s hardly any room to turn in.

No, we had enough room, and there were even spacious lockers to keep our clothing and essentials there, despite the fact that it was 2nd class.

And what impressed you most of all while traveling? I

Ok. Let me think… It was the view from the sun deck; it’s rather high – about 50 meters above the sea-level.

Ok, I can hardly imagine such a height of the ship. And all the same, did you experience any problems while traveling?

No, I didn’t since the moment they raised the gangway and up to the moment I came ashore.

That’s all right. So I think I’ll take the same cruise next summer. Thank you for the information.

Not at all. I really strongly advise you to do it and you’ll never regret of it.


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