Dialogues in English — Dr. Sheppard and Poirot

Dialogues in English — Dr. Sheppard and Poirot

— Dr. Sheppard, do you have any suggestions concerning Parker?

-I should think he’s a very suspicious person. He may have something up his sleeve, really.

-Well, he may or he may not. I arranged a meeting with him at Fernly. Parker is to be there at 12.

-So, we needn’t hurry, as it’s only 10 now. I have a patient coming at 10.30, so I should be in my study at that time.

-Will you join me later on, Dr. Sheppard? I would like you to be present there.

-Sure. Where shall I wait for you?

-I’ll be at my place. Today we’ll have to make Parker speak on the point, I’m sure. If he’s not to blame, let it be so.

-I should have known him better. He has always seemed to be a model butler.

-Quite right. And if he has something to conceal, I must persuade him to make a clean breast of things.

-Mr. Poirot, you are the only hope of all in King’s Abbot. You ought to find out the murderer, no matter who he can possibly be.

-Don’t worry. The murderer shall be found and punished. Method, order and the little grey cells will put everything in its place.


— I must be off in a minute. See you at the front porch.

Обсуждение закрыто.