Dialogues in English — A Hotel Scene

Dialogues in English — A Hotel Scene

Look here, Mary. Yesterday I received a call from a VIP, who reserved for a suite-room with us. You know all the conveniences, all possible things and so on. And they can also have some unpredictable whims. The “bigwig” arrives today at noon.

The room should be repaired in the shortest possible time. The popularity of our hotel depends on such things. Even if it’s a trifle, a small thing that is out of order, we can have real problems with our rates. Moreover this person is going to stay at us for a week.

We didn’t still speak about the way of paying. When she comes, we’ll settle everything.

There’s a barber’s and a hairdresser’s, a foreign currency bank, a post office, a dry cleaner’s a shoe-repair shop and a laundry. All of them are on the ground floor.

In the way of entertainment we have billiards, bowling, sauna and many other things.


Don’t worry; your room is quite all right. Let me show you all these things we have here, for you to get acquainted with the hotel.

Обсуждение закрыто.