A letter to a friend abroad (Learning English)

A letter to a friend abroad (Learning English)

Dear Emily,

I was very happy to get your letter on Monday. I looked at your summer photos, they are really great. In your letter you asked me a question about the way I learn English here in Russia.

I have learnt English for 7 years. I don’t remember why I chose English. Probably it was chosen because it’s the most popular language in the world and in Russia in particular.

I like English, it’s one of my favourite subjects at school. We practise reading, speaking, writing, and listening at our lessons.

Sometimes I have problems memorizing new words because I don’t have enough time on weekdays.

The English grammar seems to be a bit complicated, especially its system of tense forms.

I am fond of reading English books and stories, they are very helpful, I get a lot of new vocabulary units and structures from them.

Sometimes I watch films. It’s still difficult to understand fluent speech because of the difference in accents.

Could you please recommend any educational websites for English learners? I would be grateful to you. Tell me about your experience in learning foreign languages.

Sincerely yours,


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