How should stealing at school be punished (8 класс)

How should stealing at school be punished (8 класс)

There are a lot of ways to break the law. A theft is one of them. Stealing at school may really be a problem for both pupils and teachers. So the question of punishment arises. One of the possible ways-out here is permanent exclusion.

Firstly it’s stupid to simply turna back on thieves at school. Today they steal a pen, tomorrow they will steal a mobile phone and in the end they will find themselves in prison. However, there may be mistakes here: you can occasionally take the neighbour’s pen. But don’t forget to give it back and you’ll laugh at your absent-mindedness together. Though, pens may be different — a «Bic» which costs 10 roubles or a gilded «Parker» which costs thousands of roubles. So, any case needs thorough investigation. And if it turns out that someone does it on purpose or repeatedly, he or she must be excluded permanently without any further questions.

Is it really a solution? The same student will be transferred to another school. Guess what he will do there?

In my opinion, the best way is to prevent any criminal activity in class rather than deal with the consequences. It’s the task of parents and teachers.

But we should remember that some children have inventive minds and are apt to lay blame on their innocent classmates.

Finally, I don’t think any other ways of punishment would be effective enough against theft. I am fully for exclusion if the case is really serious and if it is not a mistake.

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