What is the Smolensk Region Famous for (7 класс)

What is the Smolensk Region Famous for (7 класс)

Russia is famous for talented people. A lot of composers, artists and sportsmen have been born here. Russian nature and architecture are unique and well-known in the world. Our city and region are connnected with famous people, too. We remember the names of:

— Michael Glinka, a famous Russian composer
— Mikhail Egorov, who set up the Banner of Victory on the Reichstag
— Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut
— Pavel Nakhimov, an admiral
— Sergey Konenkov, an artist and a sculptor
— Yuri Nikulin, a famous actor
— Nikolay Rylenkov, Alexander Tvardovski and Michael Isakovski, famous poets
— Alexander Griboedov, a writer who spent his childhood in Khmelita

The Fortress Wall is a pearl of Russiaan architecture. The Cathedral is the main tourist attraction of Smolensk. Smolensk State University is the oldest university here. Originally the MEdical Academy annd the Teacher Training University were in one building.

There is a national park, called ‘Smolensk Lake District’ with beautiful nature and lakes.

There are a lot of places to vosit in the Smolensk Region.

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