Topics in English: Health (Темы по английскому: Здоровье)

Topics in English: Health (Темы по английскому: Здоровье)


They say: “Health is wealth”. No doubt, anyone will agree with this statement. We should think about our health since childhood and pay attention even to trifles, when something goes wrong.

Medicine has made great progress over the time of its history, starting with the scientists of Ancient Greece, but still the only thing we can rely on is our way of life. If you don’t smoke or drink alcohol or do some other harmful things, like taking drugs, you have a good chance to live a long and happy life. But it’s not the only condition.

Food industry is slowly killing people. The majority of products is synthetic, and you don’t pay much attention to what you consume. Nice wrapping contains dangerous substances, aimed at the destruction of our health. Synthetic food is cheap, it’s easy to produce. Marketing ideas work for food industry. Food, containing taste intensifiers, preservatives and stuff like that is especially dangerous for children. Parents give them money, when they go to school, without giving it a second though what they are going to buy. It’s usually like this: a child goes to a supermarket and buys a bag of chips. Having eaten this, he feels thirsty and buys a bottle of coke. After drinking Coke he wants something sweet to finish with – and this is … a sweet chocolate bar.

And this happens to millions of children in the world every day! What can we do about that? Nothing… Marketing is stronger – thousands of people work and think, to make people consume bad stuff and kill themselves this way.


So, food is the first source of danger, and smoking and alcohol follow it. If you start being more careful and selective about the food, you’ll be healthier. And smoking and alcohol are for stupid and backward people, and nothing more.

The third step to your perfect health is doing some sports activity. It may be tennis, jogging, going to the gym – anything to your liking. But it must be regular. Sport is refreshing. My favourite sports activities are cycling and table tennis. Cycling makes all your groups of muscles work. It’s not very tiring. When cycling you may discover new places, it’s really interesting! You may do this not only in the city, but in the country, alone or with your friends. When you are active, your lungs work better, bringing more oxygen to the brain and all the organs. Twice or thrice a week I play table tennis – it develops my reaction and attention.

So, we have come to the conclusion, that everyone is the master of his life. We shouldn’t listen to anyone, imposing things on us, and think on our own. And it’s better to start thinking about health as early as possible. But on the other hand, it’s never too late – if you smoke – simple quit it. If you have problems with your weight – go in for sports. And you’ll be fine!

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