My Future Career

My Future Career

When young people start to think about their career, they imagine a very pleasant picture of the future. But as they get older they face real life and its objective difficulties. Having graduated from the University a young specialist doesn’t have many ways out. The simplest one today is to become a manager in an office and begin doing some kind of paperwork.

I am afraid of sitting in a stuffy (and in an air-conditioned as well) office, controlling hole-punchers, staplers, copiers and answering phone calls. I believe that I will never be able to impose unnecessary things on people, compose endless e-mails and so on. Of course, life would be more difficult without managers, but still I don’t want to be one.

I am leaving school in May and I haven’t chosen my University yet. I think the best option for me will be the Faculty of Art. I have been painting and drawing for all my life and I can’t imagine it without art. Art is the best way to express yourself, to convey your feelings and emotions to people.

We have only one life and in my opinion we should spend it reasonably. I am sure that when I get old I’ll ask myself one of the most important questions: ‘What have I achieved?’. Any human being is born to fulfil some tasks, which nobody else, but he himself can define.

The sooner I define my tasks the happier I will be in the future.

When I am absorbed in the creative process, I forget about the problems and everything around. Maybe this is what people usually call ‘inspiration’. I feel that there is some connection between me and the world around, even the Universe in its global understanding. And I just pick up some ideas from the ocean of noosphere and implement them on paper or canvas using the tools at hand.

I am sure that any career should make the person who has chosen it happy. Otherwise work will be a torture and nothing else. I don’t want to count the hours left till the end of the working day. I want my work to make me happy, and I want to make people around happy at work.

If now I tell somebody about my dream, he or she will probably say that I am eager to be famous. No way, fame is a great burden. There is a vitally important difference between the desire to be famous and the desire not to be forgotten. I don’t mean the people of art exclusively. If an architect creates a bridge that will stand for a few centuries and serve people, they will remember his name and will be thankful for this thing. If a composer’s pieces of music are listened to in two hundred years, it’s great. If some of the artist’s pictures survive through the centuries, he himself will live with his works in human hearts. This is important.

Now I am going to start preparation for the entrance exams. I hope that my dream will come true soon and I will be able to share the joy of art with people around.

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