My Summer Holidays

My Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are a special period of time that all the pupils and students wait for. It is vitally important to take a breath after nine months of hard work. I am personally always exhausted by the end of April, and the last month is the time of great expectations and plans for the summer.

When I was a schoolboy I had three months of free time, which was not actually free as I tried to make good use of it. My summer holidays have never been vain yet. In primary school my parents always made me do the sums, learn something new by heart for the next school year or simply read. No, they didn’t make me read. I did it on my own with great pleasure. Something changed in the seventh form. I remember that summer when I first took a couple of textbooks of German and discovered a new world. The world of foreign languages. I had been learning English for two years by that time and that was interesting. But when I took up German I got an opportunity to compare and think differently. Since that time I have become a great fan of linguistics.

My favourite pastime activity in summer is cycling. I have had four bikes in my life, and the one I have now is the best. When riding a bike, I always have an mp3-player in my pocket to listen to audiobooks. So I kill two birds with one stone this way and save my time. I like to explore new places using my bicycle.

When I entered the University, my summer holidays changed a little – we usually have classes till the 10th or 15th of June and then take our exams. So now we have only two months of free time. I think it is even better, because when I was at school, I wanted to get back to studies at the beginning of August. Three months were too much for me.

On my holidays I usually stay in the country, because it’s too hot and stuffy in the city. Besides I have more ways to spend my time. Fishing is one of my hobbies, so I usually go to the lake or to the river three or four times a week. Maybe it sounds surprising, but I am really fond of gardening and doing some agricultural work. I think it’s a good way to help my parents and grandparents now.

What I like most of all about the holidays is an opportunity not to get up early. In summer I never hurry and do what I want and when I want. But it doesn’t mean that I get lazy: sometimes I do so many things during the day that I really feel tired in the evening before going to sleep.

So summer is a good time for having a rest and doing something useful. It’s time for hobbies and for self-development, too. I am already waiting for the summer to come. And what about you?

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