Workaholism is a kind of addiction as we may understand it from the word itself. An addiction to work. Some people can’t get the thoughts of work out of their heads even when they come home to say nothing of other places. They simply can’t stop. What do they do it for? There may be several reasons but the most obvious are money and career.

Of course it is good when people want to earn more money, but there is a good Russian saying ‘It is not possible to earn all the money’. And the more I live the better I understand it. Human body and human brain need regular intervals of rest, it means that we have to go to bed on time and remain active for a certain period of time during the day. It’s not at all accidental, that working week lasts 40 hours. There may be some difference, of course. If someone works for 50 or sixty hours, it is ok. But when we speak about 80 working hours, it is too much. It is quite easy to overestimate yourself and then break down at the age of 35 or forty.

The second reason for workaholism is career advancement. The employer is likely to appreciate it, because it is you who makes money for the firm, but the game is not worth the candle. In some countries like Japan workaholism is considered to be a great social problem, leading to early death, a nervous breakdown and other grave consequences. There have been several cases when people died of working overtime.

There is one more popular delusion: employees believe that working longer hours means more work to be done. But you can’t work effectively for a long time. You may spend a few hours in the evening on what you can do in 20 minutes in the morning. I always feel it when I have a lot of tasks ahead. Of course, something depends on the type of character. If a person is an ‘owl’ he can work even late at night. But it must be a rare occasion. If the same thing happens every day, it may be diagnosed as ‘workaholism’.

And I would like to finish this topic with the quotation of an American author Henry David Thoreau: ‘It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about?’

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