TV in My Life

TV in My Life

I have never been a couch potato. I have not either belonged to the group of people who like to have their TV-sets switched on just in the background.

I remember that I liked to watch cartoons and TV shows in my childhood. And the only thing I still remember is advertisement. The older I grew the more advertisement there was on TV. And I could not understand how it was possible to watch a film or a programme with so many breaks. The Internet ran slow at that time so TV, radio, newspapers and magazines were the main sources of information.

The changes came with the appearance of satellite antennas. I got an opportunity to watch channels in English and in German, so my interest in television was revived as I had completely lost any wish to watch Russian TV.

Watching films and news reports in the original is an exciting thing, it helps me greatly in my studies. The best way to learn a foreign language is to plunge into it. The more I listen to native speakers the better my pronunciation is. The ability to think in a foreign language develops more quickly, too. I hear a lot of set expressions, which help me improve my language skills.

My favourite programmes are about nature, animals and travelling. I like politics less, but I always watch analytical shows to be aware of the latest news and events in the world. Sometimes I record programmes to watch them later again.

On Russian television I sometimes watch news reports, but I find it more convenient to get the information on the Internet. But I never watch talk shows or entertaining shows, though I have a few acquaintances who do it. When somebody tries to tell me about it or wants to know my opinion feel amused. Of course there may be interesting shows like ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, but they are nothing more than simply ‘interesting’. Besides, most of the ideas are borrowed from foreign TV-channels. There is only one programme I sometimes watch, just because it is our original idea. Its name is ‘What? Where?When?’

I don’t usually spend more than an hour or so on watching TV. I get tired of it rather quickly and change my activity.

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