Topics in English: My Flat (Темы по английскому: Моя квартира)

Topics in English: My Flat (Темы по английскому: Моя квартира)

My Flat

Our family lives in a three-roomed flat on the third floor of a nine-storey house. We live in a good block, where my school, a hospital and several supermarkets are situated.

I am lucky to have a beautiful view in front of the window of my room. Our house stands beside a small picturesque grove, and it’s smothered in greenery in spring and in summer.

Our flat is very cosy, and it’s thoroughly decorated thanks to my mother – she is a designer. When we bought the flat, we had an idea to decorate it in a high-tech style, but then we decided upon a more traditional variant, and we have never regretted it.

The living-room is the biggest room in the flat – we gather there in the evenings, watch TV, discuss everyday matters and receive guests. My favourite thing in this room is a huge leather sofa, it so comfortable, that I like to spend hours reading or listening to the music, or watching TV in it. We have a great number of paintings, made by our familiar artists. People like to examine them closely when they come to our place. I have a dream to become an artist in the future too. But still I spend most of my time in my bedroom. This is the place where I can do what I want. I don’t say that there is a mess there – I tidy up my room twice a week. But still it’s my living space, made specially for my creative activities – I paint a lot, do some modelling from time to time and make different things that I invent myself.

But I don’t own my room fully. My cat has some rights for a part of it. He lives under the writing-table, and we share the room this way.

My parents have a separate room with a balcony, where we keep our bikes in winter.

We have meals in the kitchen. I like to spend my time there watching Mother cook. We can discuss many things and problems then. I even sometimes do my homework there.

I am happy to live in such a flat, and I really feel, that “my home is my castle”.

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