Beauty saves the world

Beauty saves the world

Modern world seems to be possessed by the idea of beauty. But people are likely to forget that the notion of beauty may have two different (and even controversial) interpretations. The first one is connected with appearance, and the second one is more profound and important. I do not deny the importance of some outer beauty, but I still believe that inner beauty of any living thing is of greater importance. It is the inner beauty that is able to create and to move the spiritual development of the society forward. At the same time the present-day aggressive nature of outer beauty, which is imposed on people is likely to be misleading and even destructive.

Coming back to the expression under discussion, I take it the following way: over the centuries the humankind has accumulated so many artistic objects of various forms (literary works, visual images, sculpture etc.) that they can teach us, they can lead us through the fiercely whirling tunnel surrounded by chaos which we call ‘today’.

Let us remember the Renaissance – when people began to revive their interest to the beauty born in the antique past, Life itself started to change bringing the world to the Light of the day and leaving the darkness behind.

So I believe that the one who strives for Beauty and seeks for it has future. If one takes a closer look, Beauty may be found everywhere – not only in living things but also in inanimate objects. There is just one thing to remember. It’s worth while looking for real and not artificial Beauty.

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