Dialogues in English — Treatment

Dialogues in English — Treatment


A dialogue. Exercise 14 page 75-76 Arakin.

(Situation 3.)

Good morning, son! Nice day, isn’t it? It’s 7.50, it’s just the time to get up, isn’t it?

Good morning father! You see, my throat isn’t all right, it hurts me to swallow.

Now let me examine your throat then. Now, open your mouth, stick out the tongue. You seem to be quite healthy. Let me take your temperature.

Isn’t it high? I even feel sick.

There’s nothing to worry about, sonny! It’s 36.6 oC.

Oh, this terrible splitting headache! It’s awful. I can’t bear it! Do you any medicine for it?

Here’s aspirin, it’ll soothe your pain. Take this pill. It won’t do you harm. Anything else?

Yes, Dad. My back aches, I feel giddy, isn’t it ‘flu?

I’m not much of a doctor you know, but if you had ‘flu, you would have a temperature. Now, let me see… what did you do yesterday in the evening?

Oh, I… I… I don’t remember.

But I do. You were playing computer games till 9 o’clock, weren’t you?

No, that’s yes…

So go to school and don’t play me up.

Обсуждение закрыто.