Dialogues in English — Mike is cutting classes

Dialogues in English — Mike is cutting classes

-Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson!

-Come in. Sorry, who are you?

-I’m Mr. Sandman, Mike’s father.

-Take a seat, please. I was waiting for you yesterday in the morning. Do you know your son cuts classes?

-Really? We are trying to make him a bit more responsible. But it’s very difficult to do that.

-Besides, he has no respect for teachers and behaves very rudely in the class. So some teachers can’t cope with his behavior in class.

-But my wife and me have been trying to bring him up for many years. But our methods don’t work. Should we punish him?

-No you don’t. You must encourage him to study more, but he must be interested in a subject. It’ll be easier for him to make a right choice after leaving school.

-Let me think. It must work. I’m an engineer; maybe I’ll make him interested in Physics?

-Well, try. But pay particular attention to his marks in Literature. He failed in an oral credit last week.

-Thank you, Mr. Johnson. Your help is very valuable.

-Not at all. Be tolerant, kind and you’ll earn Mike’s gratitude and respect.

Good afternoon, Mr. Sandman.


-Good day to you, Mr. Johnson.

Обсуждение закрыто.