Road Mysteries, a mystical short story.

Road Mysteries, a mystical short story.

It was the last week of December just before New Year. Mr Hobbs and his family were driving to their countryhouse to visit Granny. The day was snowy and snowflakes were falling and dancing in the air.

It was getting dark and Mr Hobbs had to press on the brake when he saw a dark outline of a big truck. The truck was moving too slowly and Mr Hobbs decided to overtake it. Everyone in the car (Mr Hobb’s wife and their two children) saw the plate number clearly. There was ‘FI 013’ on it. The truck was muddy and on its side there was a huge logo — a black dog in a red circle.

They left th truck behind… The father was changing the music tracks on the car stereo. He distracted himself for a second from the road. Looking back at the road he saw the same dark outline again.

Getting closer he realized that the black dog was looking at him again with its small evil eyes. ‘Look, Daddy!’ — cried Philip, the younger son. Its number plate is ‘FI 013!’

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