An excuse to be late (a dialogue)

An excuse to be late (a dialogue)

— Good morning, Mr Davids. I’m sorry I’m late. May I come in?

— I would be surprised if you came on time. You are late for every class. You are ignoring the school rules and the rules of politeness, young man!

— Oh, I’m so sorry! You see I have wrong time on my smartphone. It’s one hour slow. The time has been changed automatically. I don’t know why…

— Show it to me. Oh, this time you seem to be telling the truth. You always find excuses.

— So, may I come in? I promise to be always on time from now on.

— Ok. Take your place. I had the same thing on my phone a couple of days ago. That’s why I have a wrist-watch.

— I’ll ask the parents to buy me one too. Thanks. Mr. Davids!

— Take your seat!

Обсуждение закрыто.