A letter (about reading as a hobby)

A letter (about reading as a hobby)

Dear Ben!

Thanks for your e-mail, I got it yesterday evening and read it with with great interest.

I’m sure to read the books you wrote me about. You know I’m keen on reading and I would like to tell you something about me in this regard.

I always try to find time for reading. You know, I don’t like to read in public transport because I can’t concentrate properly. And reading requires concentration. My favourite genre is detective stories. The book about Sherlock Holmes by Conan-Doyle was the first one I read 5 years ago. At that time I read it in Russian and now I’m reading it in English. I have read a lot of stories since then, but Sherlock Holmes is my favourite character.

Reading makes us think and develops our imagination geratly. You get a wider view of the world, you start to understand different people, you learn a lot of interesting facts about the culture of other countries. I mean that I like to read not only detective stories, but also historical books and classical literature as well.

Before I read a book, I read the biography of the author — it helps me understand his ideas better.

Do you do the same, by the way? Have you read any books by Russian authors? What exactly?

Finally I would like to share a weblink with you. You’ll find a lot of interesting e-books there:______ . Give me your weblinks, too.


Sincerely yours,


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