My hobbies (7 класс)

My hobbies (7 класс)

I can’t imagine my liofe without my hobbies. Having a hobby is an important thing, because it lets you relax, you get to know something new and finally you are in piece with yourself and the whole world, and it seems more and more important in our constantly changing world.

As for my hobbies I would like to put music in the first place. I have been playing music since my early childhood. I started playing the drums when I was 7. At present I play the guitar and the xylophone. Music takes a considerable part of my life in general and of my free time in particular. And I really like it.

My second hobby is cross-country racing. I’ve been doing it for more than a year. Everything seemed unusual and complicated when I first came there last September. Now I have quite a lot of friends among the young racers. I hope to develop my skills and agility.

Outdoor activities are among my hobbies, too.

I’m keen on cycling (and I have a very good bike indeed), swimming and going to the gym. I have been attending it since childhood.

I think it’s necessary to combine different activities to be a well-developed person.

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