Standards of Beauty (стандарты красоты, внешность)

Standards of Beauty (стандарты красоты, внешность)

They say there are 7 billion people on the Earth. And we are all different: short or tall, fat or thin, white or coloured. No matter how we look we should take people as they are. Unfortunately, people are often treated by their appearance, according to some generally accepted standards. This fact in my opinion, makes people look the same and they often lose their individuality. If a woman has dark hair, why why should she dye it blonde? Why does she make it wavy if it’s straight from nature? It’s interesting that the standards of beauty are different all over the world.

A reporter from Germany asked 40 deisgners all over the world to retouch her photo according to their ideals of beauty.

The difference was obvious — some countries like pale skin, others prefer dark complexion. They changed the shape of eyebrows and eyes greatly. The haircuts were different, too. And what is you ideal of beauty?


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