A Letter to Santa Claus

A Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa!


I know that a lot of children from all over the world write you letters. But I can’t imagine how you cope with all this work. It really must be a challenge!

I am writing to tell you how I’ve spent this year. It is not over yet, but it has been rich in events and new things.

I have tried to behave like a model boy. I have been industrious and hardworking. I have met a lot of new people and some of them are my good friends now.

I have made good progress at school. I have been trying to get better marks for quite a long time, though it takes a lot of efforts to fulfil all the tasks. The thing isthat I do not only go to comprehensive school, but at the same time I attend musical school, where I play the drums, the guitar and the xylophone.

I have tried to help my parents, to be polite and kind to everyone. I haven’t told lies this year.

Dear Santa, I don’t think it would be reasonable to ask you for a bicycle or skis or what not. I would like to ask you for health for all my family and friends. Wealth is not the most important thing, but we all would be happy if you sent us some additional income. I would like my Father work less, so that he could spend more time with me.

But still…

If I don’t sound impudent, you might probably put a tablet (tab) under the Christmas tree on the Eve of New Year. (I don’t necessarily need an iPad, a «Samsung» would be OK)

Next Year I am going to be the same as this year and even better. I do promise and solemnly declare it.

Обсуждение закрыто.