Dialogues in English — Oxford University

Dialogues in English — Oxford University

— Hello, John!

— Hi, Mike.

— Have you ever heard of Oxford University?

— Yes, of course. Only that’s a pity I can’t go there.

— Why? You have all the chances. My sister graduated from it in June.

-Wonderful. What did she tell you about it?

-Oh! Quite a lot of things. Oxford University is a unique British institution. She told me about extraordinary customs and rituals there.

— I know that Oxford is very big.

— You are quite right. Its campus includes libraries, lecture rooms, museums, the botanic gardens. They are all parts of the university but they are not exactly its “centre”. The university consists of different colleges.

— I read in a book that the “university” is a more elusive concept.

— Exactly, that’s the way my sister explained. She also told me about its history and development.

— Yes, I know that lectures were being delivered in Oxford at the very beginning of the XII century. I read about its history quite a lot of books. Tell me about the structure of the university.

-The structure of Oxford University is unique in that it preserves the medieval university organization unlike the other universities.

— Well, I see, every college is independent in money, students, their own projects and enthusiasms.

— You are right. Nobody is boss but almost everybody helps to run the university as well as their own individual departments.

— Is student life vivid?

— Of course. It is wonderful. Different activities, clubs, societies, possibilities for Sport and PE will prevent you from studying. But you will have to study if you want to stay at the university till finals.

— Thanks a lot for the information. But I think it is impossible to go to Oxford.

— Surprises do happen. You are doing well at studies. And so I repeat you have all the chances

— Thank you for comforting me.


— Good luck!

Обсуждение закрыто.