HARRY’S TAKEN ILL. фонетический текст

HARRY’S TAKEN ILL. фонетический текст

-Nora, Nora.

-Yes, what is it now, Harry?

-Oh, there you are. Look here, Nora. I’m tired of lying here on my back with nothing to do. I hate doing nothing.

-Don’t be silly, Harry. You’ve got a temperature, and staying in bed is the only sensible thing to do. Now just be quiet, and stop preventing me from doing my homework.

-No, seriously, Nora, I can’t bear it. Lying flat on my back.

-Well, then, try lying on your stomach for a change.

-Stop being funny. I’m going to get up. There. Lock, I’m standing up. I’m quite all right. What’s the use of staying in bed?

-I think you are being very silly. You’ll only make your temperature go up again.

-It’s no use talking , Nora, — being ill doesn’t suit me.

-No – and trying to nurse you doesn’t suit me.

-Now don’t be bitter about it. You know, I’m grateful to you for looking after me. Ut you mustn’t try to keep me in bed like a naughty boy.

-I’m all against this staying in bed for no reason.

-Harry, being ill is a reason. Now don’t stand by that window and catch another cold. Let me see, half past eleven…

-Why do you keep looking at the clock?

-I’m expecting mother – she is coming over for the day.

-Good Heavens, I didn’t know that.

-Yes, I think she has something she wants to talk to you about.

-Oh heavens. Has she? Oh… You know, Nora, I do feel a bit ill, perhaps I had better get back to bed.

-Oh, what a pity. I thought perhaps you might stay up to see her.

-That’s the very reason I’m getting back into bed.

-What did you say?


-Oh, er, nothing.

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