English Grammar Dialogues — Modal Verbs

English Grammar Dialogues — Modal Verbs


— Hello old chap! Have you heard anything from Mike?

— He wanted to go to Germany in early June.

— He can’t have gone there! We have exams till the end of June! He can’t have failed to take his exams!

— Certainly. He might have warned us. Still we’re friends. Have  you got his number? Let’s phone him.

— Could you dial his number? I don’t have my cell with me now.

— Sure.

— “The subscriber isn’t available, please call later…”  Where can he possibly be?

— I don’t know. His absence can cause me some troubles. The thing is: he took my two best textbooks in philosophy, and then went away.

— How could he have done that? You can take mine. I have my exam in philosophy on the 20th of June, what about you?

— Cool. I take it on the 23rd. Could you drop in on me somewhere on Thursday?

— Don’t worry. You can rely on me.

— Mike must come very soon I think.

— Well, he may, or he may not. Don’t you think he may have immigrated there?

— Stop kidding me.

— Ok. So, I bring you the books on Thursday, right? Can I leave them you Mother in case you aren’t at home?

— Certainly. See you.

Обсуждение закрыто.