Dialogues in English — Going on an Outing

Dialogues in English — Going on an Outing

-Let’s go on an outing, shall we?

-That’s a good idea. What day shall we choose?

-I think Sunday will be best.

-Right. And what’s the right time for you? Let’s decide on it at once.

-Do you think you can be free at 12?

-Oh, Sasha, I’m sorry, but I have studies on that day at 12. Just a little bit later.

-Not at all. Will 2 o’clock suit you?

-I think so. That’s better. Don’t forget you fishing rod.

-We’ll do some fishing! Great! I think it’ll be too hot that day. Shall I take a tent?

-Yes, please. Now, perhaps, I’ll go. See you then!

-Wait a bit! Well, you said Sunday?


-My sister is marrying on Sunday!

-Oh, congratulations! So let’s put it off, OK?



Обсуждение закрыто.