Dialogues in English: Flights

Dialogues in English: Flights

-1   Hello, Mike. I’ll have to make a business trip.

-2   And what’s your destination point? Is it a long way from Moscow?

-3   The longest possible. It’s Vladivostok. And I’m in between. I don’t know what transport to choose.

-4   It’s either train or plane. I think plane will be better. You take off at 5 a.m. and the landing is at 3 p.m. It’s not a direct, but a connecting flight.

-5   So you mean there’s a landing at some other point? Novosibirsk, for example.

-6   Right. And a train crawls at a snail’s pace.

-7   But going on train is much safer. There are so many cases nowadays, that plane’s engines are out of commission, or pilots get in trouble because of non-flying weather.

-8   But all the same weather forecasts usually warn pilots of troubles. Then the flight is delayed. But I agree with you all the same. Last time we hit an air-pocket, and the rocking of the plane lasted for five minutes or so. Strong air currents, cross wind can really frighten you sometimes.

-9   And what’s your personal experience in the way of finance? Is it more or less expensive than going by train?

-10 Look here, John, it’s rather a long distance from Moscow to Vladivostok. Travelling by train is several times cheaper when you cover a short distance: from France to Germany for example.

-11 Besides, I think I can get air sick while flying.

-12 Oh, never mind, there are a lot of pills for it nowadays. Besides you’ll get train-sick for sure over a week in a stuffy carriage.

-13 I didn’t think of it really. Besides all possible conveniences will be at my disposal on board a plane. But the problem is that I don’t know all the rules of behaviour at the airport.

-14 Don’t worry; you’ll get all necessary information at the information office.

-15 Ok. Is it a difficult procedure to board a plane? I’ve never tried flying. I know that one is to go through security check and customs after buying a ticket. How many kilos of hand luggage are allowed in the second class?

-16 20 or so I think. The rest should be registered. And don’t forget to get acquainted with the list of do’s and don’ts.

-17 All right. You’ve been most helpful.

-18 Have a safe flight.


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