Dialogues in English: Gerund

Dialogues in English: Gerund

Walter, I insist on your being extremely careful while working with the ill people. You know cholera spreading instantaneously among the population. Over the last week more than 800  people fell dead.

I’ve been looking forward to my carrying out scientific experiments. I am sure of the results doing people good, they are sure to be valuable for medicine. It’s my purpose, as I’m a scholar after all.

I’m constantly thinking of your wife, Kitty, having come here. It’s extremely dangerous for a woman to stay in May-tan-fu. I insist on her living with the nuns at the convent, as it’s much safer.

I also object to Kitty’s walking out. I rely on you and Colonel keeping an eye on her and protecting her from possible dangers when I’m away.

I’m really afraid of her neglecting the rules of safety. But don’t worry, Dr. Fane, we’ll do our  best. I have already informed Colonel Yu of your coming here.

By the way, Mr. Waddington, we expect you paying us a visit.

Thank you for invitation. I don’t mind your visiting us as well. I have some more questions to discuss with you.

I count on your assisting and supporting us. I have a very good opinion of you.  I hope that colonel Yu will also be of great help.

Well, never doubt. But I have to go, I must be at the dam in half an hour. Excuse my leaving you now. See you in the evening.


Good bye, Mr. Waddington.

Обсуждение закрыто.