Dialogue — Medicine and Treatment

Dialogue — Medicine and Treatment

Hello, Dan! Why were you absent from classes for the whole week?

Oh, hi, Mike! Glad to see you. I caught a cold.

Did you have a temperature?

Yes, Idid. The doctor was called for. And when he came, he took my temperature.

So what was it?

It was 38, 2 C.

Oh, it was rather high. I think you had better stay in bed for a longer period of time. Maybe it was flu.

Yes, you are right. My mother consulted the doctor and he said it was a light epidemic of flu.

Did the doctor prescribe the medicine for you.

Yes, he did. I sneeze much and he prescribe me nasal drops and of course some new medicine for bringing down the temperature and HALLS for cough. He said it would do good on condition that followed his prescription.

What about hot tea and raspberry jam?

You see, it could help but to tell the truth I don’t like a raspberry. I would rather eat honey .

Well, tastes differ. As for me I hate honey.

For that week I lagged behind the group. I must work hard to make up for it.

Take it easy, old chap. There is nothing to worry about. Be sure to keep from attending your PE classes for a while. Remember that studies are of no importance now, health is of all importance for you now.

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