Dialogue on Assimilation

Dialogue on Assimilation

-Sasha, will you read these phonetic exercises to the class?

-Oh, yes, what shall I begin with?

-Start reading exercise 4 on page 4.

-Wealth, all three, smell the rose, all this, small then…

-Ok, your reading is absolutely correct. And now  let’s pass over to Exercise 7.

-Ok, think, pink, finger, English, tinkle…

-Again your reading is quite right. And what was the kind of assimilation in the exercises you have just read?

-It was assimilation, affecting the place of obstruction and the active organ of speech.

-What shall we read next?

-Exercise 11, please.

-Ridden, gladden, burden, mitten…

-Stop, stop, stop. Let’s read it again. Repeat after me. Ridden, gladden, burden, mitten…

-Ridden, gladden, burden, mitten…

-Now it’s all right; what other kinds of assimilation do you know?

-Assimilation affecting the work of the vocal cords and assimilation the position of the lips.

-And will you kindly give an example of your own related to the assimilation affecting the position of the lips?

-Let me think for a moment. All right: “clasp, fraction”.


-I think you are wrong.

Обсуждение закрыто.