Dialogue «At a Hotel»

Dialogue «At a Hotel»

Hi, Mike! I know you were in London in summer. Where did you stay there?

Oh, that’s rather an interesting story. I stayed at one of those old hotels, just like those described in Agatha Christie’s stories.

Aah, I do remember Bertram’s Hotel, the Savoy, you mean these ones?

Well, you are quite right, but of course not so expensive. But all the same, they say everything looked there absolutely the same at the beginning of the 20th century.

It’s really just like stepping back a hundred years, or even more! But of course, the restoration of such a hotel is very expensive, to make the place look Edwardian, or even older.

I noticed, that people, coming mostly from Europe, stay ay such old-fashioned hotels, and Americans prefer modern décor, and food and all the things that make them feel at home.

Certainly, when you say old-fashioned, you mean the style, right?

Naturally, of course, the visitors of the hotel have all modern conveniences at their disposal: central heating, electric razors showers and so on. Besides, they can choose between a modern and an old fashioned variant of breakfast, I mean the traditional English breakfast.

Ok, it’s really wonderful, that one can still find such a quiet place nearby London, and enjoy “Merry Old England” to the full extent. I also stayed at such a hotel in France a couple of years ago. Just when you enter the lounge, I found myself in the days of Louis the 14th or something like that.

It must have been extremely expensive!

Not at all, we preferred to stay at such a hotel, only because the prices were quite equal to those of a modern one.

In England it was a little bit more expensive, but I thought I could afford it for a couple of days.

But all the same, were there any Americans?

Really, but not many. There are usually even to separate sets of bedrooms. They are more capricious, so they require higher temperature in the room and so on…

All right. I think that was wonderful, and you are full of impressions.


Naturally! It just was old England!

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