Dialogues in English — Why are you frowning?

Dialogues in English — Why are you frowning?

Why are you frowning? Are you frowning at me?

No, no way! I’ve bought a pile of  books in Chemistry, but they don’t cover even one third of the necessary material!

Nonsense, you are a just a genius for detail! Have a better look. By the way, where did you buy them?

In a bookshop, but two of them are second-hand, not so expensive.

Oh, then you really have a problem. When are you taking the finals? 

In a week. I have to clench my fists and concentrate on work.

Now, just listen to this, will you? – I’ve got an idea, ask Laura – she seems to like you and will lend you all the necessary textbooks. I think she won’t refuse.

Do you really think so? There’s nothing for it but to ask Laura on your advice

Good luck then!

Обсуждение закрыто.