Dialogues in English — Agatha Christies’s story

Dialogues in English — Agatha Christies’s story

— What do you make of Caroline?

— I like this character of Agatha Christie, and her motto ‘go and find out’. She’s presented as a humorous personage, but she herself doesn’t possess a sense of humour.

— Really, sarcasm is wasted on her, she takes everything seriously and answers accordingly. Sometimes she reacts even resentfully.

— She has all the makings of a born detective, but her methods leave much to be desired.

— Really. She got to know about the death of Mrs. Ferrars and the reason from a milkman, and the milkman got to know it from the cook, and the cook got to know it probably from someone else.

— Yes, something like Chinese Whispers! And Dr. Sheppard, her brother, got used to it.

— Once she said that she didn’t mean to eavesdrop when she saw Ralph speaking to a young girl with such an air that Sheppard couldn’t help mocking at her.

— Yes, but when she’s carried away by her thoughts and suggestions he doesn’t pay any attention to any offensive remarks.

— She can easily take any joke for granted and then without thinking it over, break it as sensational news.

— Everyone understands that, especially Poirot, and on the whole she gets on very well with anyone in Kings Abbott.

— To tell the truth I find her a little bit childish. She really believes it’s important to find out the colour of Ralph’s boots.

— To recapitulate, Agatha Christie makes the whole story more humorous, vivid and lively by means of using such characters.

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