Food and Cooking

Food and Cooking

‘A man lives to eat and eats to live’ – these are the words of a saying. How many times have you asked yourself if food is really important for you? And what is more substantial – the quality or the quantity? As for me, I am not a gourmet. I believe that simple food will keep one fit and healthy, so I never think of complicated dishes, and I am not interested in different cuisines.

I have a friend who is keen on cooking. She is always in search of new recipes, ingredients and other stuff. I have never understood her. Isn’t it a waste of time? If we remember that life is quite limited in time, we’ll find more reasonable ways to spend time. All kinds of pleasures are temporary, they don’t last, they don’t survive through centuries. You cook something and eat it at once. Of course there is something aesthetic in a ready dish. It may even be a masterpiece. But still… I am not ready to spend my life on it.

Today humankind consumes much more than our ancestors, and food isn’t an exception. The more food people consume, the worse is its quality. That’s what we see now in the supermarkets. One can find everything to his liking. Let’s assume you want to have an orange twelve-legged Caribbean moustache crab or what not. Just search for it on the Internet and you are sure to find an offer. It means that the supply exceeds demand. While in some regions of the world people die of starvation, the supermarket shelves of the countries with highly-developed consumer society are about to crash down under the weight of goods. Is it fair? Is it necessary? Besides, it means, that a lot of food is thrown out after the expiry date.

To make the things still worse, maybe 5 percent of it is safe to eat. The rest is a breakthrough of modern Chemistry. So why do people kill themselves? Is it really impossible to live without chips, coke, snacks, alcohol?.. There are so many shows on TV to discuss the problem of obesity. There is no problem at all. There is just uncontrolled consumption of junk food.

Have you ever noticed that a full stomach prevents you from doing any kind of work? Being replete one  is ready to sleep or relax. I have never been able to understand why people cook and eat so much when they celebrate a holiday. They eat so greedily as if it were the last day of their life.

Maybe one of the secrets of happiness and healthy life is simple: many people known as centenarians (beyond the age of 100 years) just advise us to get up from the table a little bit hungry and never to overeat.

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