Topics in English: Environmental problems (Темы по английскому: Проблемы окружающей среды)

Topics in English: Environmental problems (Темы по английскому: Проблемы окружающей среды)

Environmental problems

People say that we should protect the world we live in. It’s our home, our wealth. But these are only words. And the world today really needs actions. Actions of everyone of us.

From childhood on we hear: «Don’t throw away rubbish». Is it enough? It would be enough, if the world around were perfectly clean. Just have a look, every street is covered with rubbish. If you go to a park or to the forest, you’ll see hills of rubbish too. People don’t care for their habitat. They like lo live in rubbish.

«Greenpeace» says a lot of words, but actions speak louder than words. That’s why, when my friends and me go to the country, to some remote place, we take away rubbish every time. We put it in plastic bags and take away to specially organized places for dumping waste. And every time I feel, that I have done something myself, and it brings some satisfaction into my soul.

The problem seems more serious, than we can think: the Earth is inhabited by 7 billion people. And the planet can stand only 1 billion. The impact on ecology is too high. We can hardly find any source of crystal pure water, or breathe in fresh air. I don’t mean faraway places, where a man has never set his foot. I mean the places we live in.

Millions of tons of waste are dumped daily into the water, into the ground. And this is not only usual, but nuclear waste, that will be decomposing for thousands of years.


The greenhouse effect is one of the most dangerous things. It is not generally accepted, but we can easily the changes in the climate, that have taken place over the recent years. The ozone layer has giant holes, and it’s not capable of protecting the humankind from the sun radiation any more. Go into the sun in the summer — and you’ll be sunburnt. Of course, people have invented  sun-protection creams, but…

Every time we go to the supermarket we get goods wrapped up in plastic. Never take the bags you don’t need, it contributes to the destruction of Nature. People used to wrap up a lot of products in paper, but they don’t do it now — it’s dangerous for forests, plastic is economically more effective and cheaper. And why on earth should we fear for trees? Cut one tree and plant two ones instead. Or three — as you wish. And there will be no problem.

There is a very good and educative book by Alan Weisman — it’s called «The World Without us». Reading it, we understand, that the planet can live without us, but we can’t live without the planet. It’s not understandable, why people fight with nature, slowly killing it.

An american comic George Carlin once said, that judging by the number of plastic humankind has ever produced, it was created just to invent and produce plastic.

It’ll take Nature thousands of years to digest all the substances produced by the humankind and destroy them, after it has died out. But on the scale of the Universe and Time thousands of years are nothing… So we must think and be careful… And it’s not the planet who has problems. That’s us, who have already faced the problem of survival here, on our once green and blue beautiful planet in the Solar system.

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