Topics in English: Mass Media (Темы по английскому: Средства массовой информации)

Topics in English: Mass Media (Темы по английскому: Средства массовой информации)

Mass Media

Mass media plays an important role in our present life. It has become one of the most powerful and wide branches of reality. Its function is not only to highlight important events, but it even influences politics greatly. Mass media includes the press, the television and the radio. The Internet has firmly established itself as a part of mass media, and it annually increases in its meaning. The internet combines TV, the radio and the press, and this fact makes it the most accessible and informative source. Ten years ago we couldn’t even imagine the possibilities it provides at present.

But still TV is the most widespread and popular source of informaton and home entertainment. Many people are just used to having their TV-sets on, without thinking it over, why they need it. Just as a sound in the background. This way TV manipulates people. They absorb and devour the information, which is imposed on them. There are so many channels on TV, and their number grows annually. Some channels may be interesting and educative, but they are not numerous. Talk shows about nothing, humorous programs help people fill the emptiness of souls and minds.

Radio is especially popular with drivers, and is not for a demanding taste. Find any station, and in 99% of cases you’ll hear native or foreign pop-music. As for me, I am not a radio fan and listen to it really seldom.

People used to distinguish between «quality» papers and «yellow» press. Now the yellow press has occupied the major part of the market. People get what they are interested in.  And the task of industry is just to produce it and meet the demand.

The Internet, on the one hand, combines all the vice of the world, and on the other hand it’s an invaluable source of information, providing quick access to it, no matter where you are. The global network enmeshes the globe.

It’s up to everyone of us to decide, how to use the Internet. And not only the internet, but mass media on the whole. But we should remember, that being yourself is of major importance, and even if something is imposed on you by this global sphere, we should think and take decisions by ourselves.

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