Science. Where will it lead?

Science. Where will it lead?

When I was a little kid, I dreamt of becoming a scientist. This very word sounded like magic for me. I was sure that these people are ahead of time, I took them as ‘wizards’ in the positive meaning. In Russian this word means ‘educated’. And I wanted to be educated, too.

I began to suspect that there was something wrong about science when I got older. No, I don’t mean all the scientific fields at once. Some of them are really necessary. First of all people who study nature and find ways to help it. The scientists who work as mechanical engineers are of great importance, too. And many others. But let’s take a closer look at what is going on right here and right now all around us.

Is it natural, that the ice caps of the poles are melting? They calm us down and say it is quite okay. Let it be so. But why don’t we see the snow in winter, why does it rain on New Year’s Eve? Why don’t we change the terms of the four seasons? There are so many ‘why-s’, that no one can give answers to them.

Let’s go on. Why does the level of water go down in wells all around the country? Not only in wells, but in the Baikal as well. Who is responsible for it? Why do so many people suffer from multiple diseases? Let’s say thank you to Chemistry and its adherents, who invent new substances and new ways to kill the humankind. Of course, it’s our choice whether to consume junk food or not, but still many people don’t give it a second thought. The majority is sure that the words ‘science’ and ‘progress’ are synonyms to happiness and welfare. How have the scientists managed to convince the population of the Earth that we really need progress?

When there is no fresh air to breathe in, it will be too late. No one will be able to restore oxygen and fresh water supplies in a blink. Let us thank science for the cars that burn up oil, which has been inside our planet for billions of years and has only been waiting for the moment when the combustion engine was invented. Let us say ‘thank you’ for the plastic that is all around. Nuclear power stations are also what we could never live without.

But why?.. Why did it all appear only within a hundred years? The humankind had somehow existed for thousands of years before the breakthrough of the XX century.

We should not lay blame on scientists only. When everyone or at least the majority comes to understand that it is better to stop using personal vehicles, buy new appliances every month, plant more and more trees, life will change. And if… not? Let’s ask scientists…

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