Choosing Presents

Choosing Presents

How often do you have to choose presents for your family and friends? I am sure that it really is a great problem. The consumer society has imposed the idea, that people need more and more goods. It is just an illusion. The less things one has the happier his life is. I didn’t say this, it is Indian wisdom. Of course, there are exceptions. For example there can’t be too many books. Or if someone collects some things, he will be happy to get another item for the collection.

What is the best present? Of course it is something that you buy and it costs much and needs constant renewal: a cellphone, a laptop or what not. People get easily hooked on such things and can’t imagine their life without them. So people think that they control things, but in reality things take control over people. Thing distract us from real life. That’s the purpose of modern world.

I am happy to have a lot of friends who think a book is the best present. The books may be different, I mean some of my friends are keen on History and they are always happy to get something new, others are fond of art and they collect albums with reproductions. When the electronic era began, it was really interesting to give a player or a mobile phone as a present, but then I started to feel distaste for it and began to search for something real. A book never loses its value. The same may be said about a picture. The rest is transient and is soon forgotten.

I know some people who are able to create presents themselves. I think it is the best way to make somebody else happy.

When choosing a present I don’t usually look at the price. Of course it’s not worth while buying very expensive presents as it makes the people feel obliged and they think they will have to buy a present at the same price or even a more expensive one for you.

Summing up, I can say that choosing a present is really a challenge, especially right before some family holidays, like Christmas or New Year when you have to buy a present for everyone. You have to remember what they all already have and guess what they really need. It is not pleasant at all when you give one a present and it remains unused (sometimes even unpacked) for a long time. Sometimes I think it is quite reasonable to ask the person you want to give presents to, what he or she really needs. Then you will not face any problems and this person will be happy, too.

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