Subcultures are a relatively new phenomenon, which first appeared in the XX century. Some people say that bikers may have been considered a subculture since the moment first motorbikes were invented. Others believe that hippies were the pioneers in this regard, when their movement started in the United Kingdom and the United states in the mid-60s.

Originally hippies were called a counterculture, which means that their values differed greatly and even were in opposition to mainstream culture. Has anything changed since that time? Of course, at present there are so many subcultures that you must even have never heard about most of them. I have never been interested greatly in this question, so I can only express my own opinion.

When I see young people wearing special clothes or make-up, I understand that it is their natural desire to look special, which may be typical of their age. When they get a bit older this must disappear, since they will have different and more important problems. But when a 40-year-old man or woman looks the same, it seems frightening in a way.

I have never had a desire to pierce my nose or ears, to be dressed in black or to dye my hair green or orange. I have always thought like this: if you really wish to be special and to differ from the rest, do something special, involve your abilities and ideas, create something, think of something, that people will need and appreciate. But… putting on a dark coat or heavy metal chains is not a way to express yourself.

To tell the truth I have never had any contact with the representatives of subcultures. I have just seen some people, maybe Goths, punks or something else. I have never been interested in them and they have never been interested in me. If we try to give it a second thought, something may be really interesting. Let’s assume that there is some romance in riding a motorbike along a highway in the dead of the night, looking at the stars in the firmament, feeling the wind blowing across the face. It is really nice. But what prevents you from doing it alone, not in a team? Is it necessary to be one of the pack, wearing leather outfit and drinking beer? I am sure one can do it on his own.

When I had an account in a social network I often came across people posting dark images there. Why on earth are they doing it? So I am perfectly sure that belonging to a subculture is nothing more than a way to attract people’s attention, when nothing else can do it. It is a game to play when somebody isn’t mature enough to understand its silliness.

And finally to tell the truth I don’t understand those parents who let their children look like scary dummies, because any human being has an image from birth which shouldn’t be spoilt.

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