What does the word ‘leisure’ mean for you personally? There may be two answers. The first one is that leisure is equal to rest. And on the other hand leisure is a period of time when you can do something that you like and it is useful for you.

More and more people choose to surf the Internet or play computer games at leisure. I don’t think it’s worth spending life on. I used to play computer games, too, but it was a few years ago and I cannot say that I had any kind of addiction. I simply quitted it once and that is all. Sitting in front of a TV-set or a computer isn’t good either. The world is much bigger and much more interesting.

Everything is constantly changing. If we speak about schoolchildren, fifteen or twenty years ago they had an opportunity to attend different clubs according to their interests. Of course there are still some clubs and schools like musical and art ones, but they are not so numerous as they used to be. Moreover, modern technologies are much more attractive for children than something else in reality. So we may draw a conclusion that these technologies haven’t brought anything worthy into our life.

When I was at school I attended a plane-modelling club. I did it only for a year and a half, because then it closed down, as the teacher there was an aged man and he simply retired. It was really a pity.

Playing sports is a good thing, but developing the brain and not only muscles is really important. I have attended a swimming-pool for two years, but now I have less time and think of doing something else.

I think it would be perfect if I turned something that I can do in my free time into my future profession. I have an acquaintance who became a photographer a few years ago, though she has a diploma of a lawyer.

Another big problem nowadays is that some people don’t find time for leisure at all. They run to an extreme either sleeping in their free time, when they get home after work or studies or working so much that they don’t have an opportunity to take a breath.

I personally believe that it is really important to find time for leisure no matter how much you work or study and do what you really like to do.

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