Dialogues in English — Brighton

Dialogues in English — Brighton

— What’s up?

— Oh! Never mind! I have to prepare some topic about the city of Brighton.

— How lucky you are! I went to Turkey in August and there I met Laura and Dan, they are from Brighton. They told me about this famous English resort.

— How far is it from London?

-Only sixty kilometers from London. Brighton’s nickname in the XIX century was “ London-by-the- sea”

— Queen Victoria was rather too serious to enjoy Brighton, but an earlier king, George the Fourth, built an extremely wonderful palace with various rooms inside.

— It has many seaside entertainments. This mixture gives Brighton its special character, appreciated all over the world.

— Over the sea is the old pier, a place of fun and traditional seaside entertainment since 1901.

— Along beside the beach goes the oldest electric train in Britain.

— But few people know that it was first used in 1883- long before the days of the bikini and the all-over suntan.

— Who made Brighton fashionable?

— King George the Fourth made it fashionable 200 years ago. 

— The Royal Pavilion- that’s the palace he built here. It was a fantasy palace, not for business, for pleasure.

— It is made in oriental style, has domes in the shape of an onion. Inside, the rooms are richly decorated in Chinese style.

— He came here to enjoy himself and to escape from the formal life of the court in London.

—  Inside it is the most beautiful: silver dragons statues, chandeliers that are of great value.

— Luxurious meals were served here.

— By the way, can I buy anything delicious in the street?

— Yes you can. There are rocks, a kind of sweet, very hard and tastes of peppermint sugar. And also you can buy ordinary snacks or fast food.

— I know there are many antique shops where you can buy souvenirs. You can also drink some beer in a pub or spend time in the cafes.

— The scenery is magnificent here. Near Brighton the famous chalk cliffs known as the Seven Sisters are situated.

-Very good that visitors have the opportunity to enjoy them twice: when you come to Brighton and when you leave it.

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