My Favourite Season

My Favourite Season

When someone asks me about my favourite season, I never know what to say. Really, each of the four seasons has advantages and disadvantages. To tell the truth I don’t like the transitions between seasons, as the weather gets changeable and it usually rains or there is sleet and slush.

Summer seems to be the most favourable season for me, though. Pushkin wrote:

O, summer fair! I would have loved you, too,

Except for heat and dust and gnats and flies.

This is probably the worst thing about summer. Why do I prefer summer? Just because it is the time for the majority of activities. While we usually stay at home in winter, we can do everything we want in summer. I go cycling, fishing and swimming and do some gardening in the country. Summer is holiday time, which is of primary importance. I don’t mean that I don’t like to study, but in summer I have more opportunities for self-development and hobbies.

It is a pity that our climate is changing. Now summer may be cold and rainy or too dry, as it has never been before. We used to have distinct differences between the seasons. At present we don’t. Thus I can only say that I like traditional summer weather, when periods of heat and rain are divided proportionally.

Winter takes the second place for me. I like snowy winters, when one can dive into snow like in water, when one can fall into it up to the waist. Walking in the snowstorm is absolutely fantastic, no matter if I have to clean the snow off the paths around the country house. Frosts are okay, but if they don’t last too long. So I don’t like extremes in winter either. When I was a little kid, I liked winter even more than summer. I don’t know why exactly, but maybe because of New Year, Christmas and their festive atmosphere all around. Besides we did some snow engineering, too. Building snow fortresses was something out of the ordinary, as I remember it now.

I don’t generally do any winter sports. I used to ski a few years ago, but now I don’t have enough time for it. Skating has always been out of the question.

The only positive feature about autumn is the beauty of nature. I like to walk in the park or in the forest and take pictures of the wonderful changes that take place in autumn. I always feel depressed when I have to run my bike into the garage for a long winter period. I have my birthday in autumn, but it doesn’t save the day.

Spring makes our feet wet, that’s why I don’t like it. It thaws and freezes then thaws again. But May is quite nice in this regard, everything around returns to life and one begins to feel the summer is coming.

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